Fresh prints Edited by Jared Whitley |

Fresh prints Edited by Jared Whitley

The following are letters of gratitude to veterans from Nickie Farnsworth’s fifth-grade class at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School. Veterans of Utah,

I would like to thank all of you. I want you to know how much we appreciate you. Every day I think how many people are dying just trying to help us and others.

Thank you for not giving up and always remember we’re there for you. Sincerely, Bradlee Lewis Hello Veterans,

Thank you so much for giving your lives up for this country. I wouldn’t be brave enough to leave my family and go to war. But you were.

You are great role models for everybody in the world. You are very brave people. Thank you, Heather Dearden Hello Friend, My name is Shaw. My great-grandpa was a major in the Army. I would just like to thank you for your service. Shaw Irwin Dear Patriots,

Thank you for fighting for us at war. I am very impressed that you helped our people during the wars. That goes for the people in Iraq too! I am proud to be an American. Love, Caitlin Jarratt Dear Veteran,

I thank you for fighting for our freedom. You left your home to go fight for us.

I am glad you’re on our side. I know I wouldn’t leave my home. I think that’s brave of you. Thank you, Josh Baker Hello Patriot,

Thank you for serving our country. Without men and women like you guys, our streets could be filled with enemy soldiers.

I am glad to have you as our soldiers, and without you, our towns could be war zones. Thank you. Sincerely, Caden Damiano Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for fighting for our country’s freedom and my family’s freedom. Every night I feel sad because an American soldier may have died today.

I feel so proud to be an American. Your friend, Cody Carlson Dear Patriots,

I would like to thank you for fighting for our freedom to do what we want, to say what we want and to believe what we want. Sincerely, Colton Jamison Dear Veterans,

Thank you very much for fighting for our freedom and our protection. I know our country is safe when you guys are fighting. You guys are real heroes! Thank you. Your friend, Jager Chynoweth Hello Veteran,

Thank you so much for fighting for our country and keeping my family and me safe. You are our hero!

Over all these years, I have never realized what Veterans Day was until now.

I am proud to have people fighting for our country. Thank you. Love, Mallory Calhoun Dear Friend,

Thank you for fighting for our country and giving us freedom and keeping us safe. Also, I hope those of you that are still in the service stay safe and see your families again. With all due respect, Zeke Anderson Hi Veterans,

You have helped our country a lot. It is great that you fought and are still fighting for us and other countries, too. Thank you for fighting.

You’re my heroes! Love, Katie Pack Dear Veterans,

I am honored to write to you. I honor your bravery and your love for others. My wish is that one day I will be able to join the U.S. Air Force. Sincerely, Alexander Gallup

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