Fresh prints Park City Learning Center students |

Fresh prints Park City Learning Center students

The following are poems written about Veteran’s by Park City Learning Center Students. Kristian Henry Strength depicts this man Valor requires courage Courage creates strength Veterans By Kyle Fraleigh Alive People, young, old Skilled, wise, patriotic Become soldiers, Heroes, legends Heroes By Joshua Anderson Foot camp The last place they want to be! Stuck As the little grain of rice in a salt shaker. Awaiting Their time for battle. Frightening No family, consistent living space or comfort. Heroes! We Love Veterans By Nicholas Beall We all love you, veterans, Who wear their funky hats They wish their life was a veteran rap Let’s wake a giant Nazi trap We love vets We bless the vets We are here, they protect They are there so we respect They brought us peace With a piece Legend By Jordan Bird The man’s a legend Fought more than enough battles We honor him today Veteran Poem By Scott Cromar Veterans Bravery, valor Fighting for our country Someone to honor and respect Men of Honor By Trevor Hammett All of the men were courageous Even though it was dangerous They all stood with pride Even though some died The strong zeros Became long-time heroes Men of Courage By Erin Miller Veterans Fearless, brave Courageous, loyal Our heroes, we honor Shine Forever By Evan Nelson Bravely they fought As they charged into battle Battles won or battles lost Their notorious strength will shine forever Veterans Day By Austin Pearce Veteran, oh veteran Where art have though gone I look to the sun, its rays harsh But beautiful, the muzzle of my rifle Pointed proudly, for many died today, Causing tears of a sorrowful loss Our caps drawn down, Low to the brim, but this day is to rejoice, Let your voice be heard, across the land, For today’s day shines with high hopes Of ambition for our lost loves live on, Whether standing proud or not, Our veterans live on What the veterans did By Blair Rossi Years ago they went to war, Fought with courage, fought with valor Battled for people they wanted to protect These things they won’t regret For they made a safer world for all Where our lives, homes and country will never fall Never Forgotten By Robbie Wallace They fought with honor and bravery Standing up for their beliefs and their country Many of them paid the ultimate sacrifice for us For this I will always honor and respect them Always Remember By Megan Wheeler Veterans Courageous Committed Fearless Legends Soldiers We will always remember them War By Brady Carmichael Be kind to those who survived. They have seen a lot with their wise eyes. To some they are evil, To some they are divine. If you ever are told a story by a vet pay attention For they can teach you quite a lesson. Vietnam By Nicholas Peterson Veterans from a war Still not completely healed from That war Vietnam Heroes By Chris Gardner Heroes are soldiers Heroes are honorable to their country Heroes are people, People like you and me. Brave, courageous, strong, They live among us every day. Heroes are loyal and committed To serve our country in any way possible. Reminiscent By Ean Farris Veterans, Heroes Legends, Unrelenting, Wise Couragous, Soldiers Veterans By Alex Harrison Unrelenting, Strong Wise, Committed, Powerful Fearless, Legends, Pride Poem of Bravery and Honor By Zachary Taylor Some are dead So we can sleep safe in our beds War is like GWAR, Both so very messed up For their bravery and honor We stay safe and free in our country The USA Standing Up Tall By Esteban Lopez People Brave, loyal Powerful, skilled, Committed One fighting for truth And freedom.

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