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The following is a short story by John Schirf, a sixth-grader at Ecker Hill International Middle School. My Worst Day Ever BTZ BTZ BTZ! Once again rudely awaken by that annoying alarm clock. But for some reason something was different, my toe throbbed and it felt like it was stung by 10 bees, seven wasps and three horseflies. So as I usually did, I got dressed and then limped downstairs. My dad asked me what’s wrong but I really didn t know why my toe was sore. So my dad and I took off my sock and saw that is was pinkish red – hurting worse than ever now. I tried to relieve my pain by playing my Game Boy, but something was different about that too. I couldn t find my favorite game. After I asked my parents if either of them could find it, both of them said no. And then it hit me. I had left it in Mexico! So I have an infected toenail, and lost one of my favorite Game Boy games all in the same day. This day can t go any worse. Finally, it was time for school. Other than the fact that I was sad and sore, school proceeded as usual, and my toe throbbed more than ever. After a boring first half of school, it was time for recess. Like most other kids, I ran over to get one of the sleds. Unfortunately I didn t get one, but luckily my friend Jake did. Well, I rode on his sled a couple times and thanked him for it. Then it happened. I was leaning on the basketball hoop s pole minding my own business when… WHAM!!!!!!! I was flat on the ground hit by none other than Jake s sled! Now my entire body was sore, I d lost my favorite game, and I had a sore toe. This day can t go any worse. But I was wrong. At lunch time, I was still mad at Jake. So I tried not to sit next to him. After I finished my nutritious meal, I had got in line in to leave that wretched place. But some rude kid just comes over and yells in my ear. And if I thought that this was bad – I mean being yelled at, getting run over by a sled, losing my favorite game and getting an infected toe… this day couldn t have gone more perfectly. While limping home from school I was trying to relieve my ear drums, my sadness, and trying to get some feeling back into my shoulders. The day was horrible, especially with all of the homework I got from Mrs. Johanson. While I was home, my dad took a needle and punctured my toe to get the puss out (which sounds and is completely gross). It stung so bad after that. This was, no doubt, the worst day ever.

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