Gallery MAR bigger and better |

Gallery MAR bigger and better

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Wide open spaces: it’s probably the most important change for the new Gallery MAR location on Park City’s Main Street. Before, the gallery was located within another Main Street complex, with lower ceilings and tight corners. When gallery owner Maren Mullin made the move just a block up the street, she and her expanding network of artists stepped into a space with more than twice the square footage of the old gallery.

"The visibility is so much greater," Mullin said. "We’re finding that folks who live here part time or are visiting who’ve often walked up and down the streets and never found my gallery before. We still have our previous collectors coming in and finding the artists they know and love, but we have a whole new group of collectors who never saw us before."

With every piece, Mullin said she likes to see it in the owner’s home or office. As she checked her email Monday, a wide smile spread across her face. She received photos of a recent sale to a collector in San Francisco, the art was hanging on the wall.

"This is what it’s all about," she said. "It’s always wonderful to see how it comes together in the end."

The move started on the last Friday of the Sundance Film Festival. Crews were in both spaces, dismantling and storing art from the smaller space and taking it up to the new gallery. Mullin said she remembered her husband made time help, spending three nights tearing out an old checkout counter in what was soon to be her new home.

"I remember the day we started to actually move up the street I got impatient waiting for everyone to get there," Mullin said. "I picked up a glass vase, carried it up and set it down. It was the first piece of art in the new gallery."

The gallery has some unique features, including a pull out section along the back wall where anyone can pull out grated metal walls that include more artwork. Mullin said she estimates the area gives her the ability to hang an additional 90 pieces of artwork.

"Our artists are feeling the extra love," she said. "With a couple of our artists now we’ve made requests on what we’d like to see, including larger sizes of their work."

One of her most popular artists, Park City local Amy Ringholz, created her biggest piece for Mullin at the opening.

The new space took years to find, Mullin said, he waited out the storm for just the right property to open up. Since she first opened the gallery in the smaller space, she knew she wanted to move into a space she could do more with.

Now Mullin is preparing to hit summer art shows in and out of state in search of new talent to add to Gallery MAR. This Friday, as part of the monthly Park City Art Stroll she will be featuring two new artists, Maura Allen & Ronald Ray Rogers in a show entitled "Homeward Bound."

"We plan on being here for a long time," Mullin said. "I have no exit plan. I want to stay right where I am."

Gallery MAR

436 Main Street (435) 649-3001

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