Garbage truck kills horse on State Road 32 |

Garbage truck kills horse on State Road 32

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

A horse was struck and killed by a garbage truck Monday on State Road 32 in Peoa, the authorities said.

"Some individuals were trying to load up the horse in a trailer and the horse got spooked," Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Ted Tingey said. "The horse pulled away from the trailer and ran down a long dirt road at a pretty good speed, into the path of a garbage truck."

The private hauler was dumping construction waste at the time, Tingey said, adding that the driver was not speeding in the 50 mph zone.

"The driver wasn’t able to avoid the horse and struck and killed the horse," Tingey said, adding that no people were injured in the crash. "He was able to maintain control of the truck."

Traffic was delayed as troopers cleared the highway, he said.

"We get quite of bit of these throughout the state," Tingey said about collisions that involve motorists and livestock. "Some of them have been hit and they come up in the windshield and injure people."