Get help dressing for success |

Get help dressing for success


If clothes don’t make the person, they do at least create confidence and serve as a reflection of personality. That’s why Maren Mullin wants to help everyone look their very best.

As a Park City gallery owner, Mullin’s career is based on good taste. As a lover of fashion, she also found herself recruited by numerous friends and family members for help with their wardrobes. After having excellent results within her own network, Mullin decided to begin a fashion consulting business.

Style MAR offers four service packages. With a Closet Reboot, Mullin spends half a day going through a client’s existing wardrobe with. Like an editor of words, Mullin helps a person identify what can go and what should be accentuated.

Every interaction begins with a consultation to determine the client’s goals, Mullin said.

"It’s not about me being a fashion dominatrix, it’s about being really helpful and making people feel really good about what they’re wearing," she said.

The purpose of a Closet Reboot is to allow people to wake up in the morning and find getting dressed to be an ease and a joy, she said.

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This includes identifying items that would pair well together so mixing and matching items isn’t a chore, as well as moving special-occasion, seasonal, and sentimental pieces to a storage closet to reduce clutter.

"Sometimes people just need an objective opinion," Mullin said.

Another service package is The Shopping Adventure. This is more traditional fashion consulting; she goes with clients to a store and helps them pick out pieces to match their goals whether that’s a promotion or finding a new look after having a baby.

The best part, Mullin said, is she does all the running. That’s why a lot of men recruit her help, she added. If shopping is a chore, she’ll do all the work and the client can just say yes or no. If someone is too busy to shop, she’ll even bring clothes to their home or office and return what they don’t like.

Mullin has worked with people on a budget of $100 total, or up to $3,000 per garment. The goal is not to dress people expensively, but tastefully to achieve the right ends, she said.

A third service package is Special Occasion shopping. Mullin would like to alleviate stress for people planning a wedding, big vacation or special event. If picking out clothes is one thing too many, she’ll do it for the client. If the importance of the decision is onerous, she can help them make the right decision.

The fourth package is The Perfect Gift. This is another popular one for men. Instead of discussing the client’s fashion goals, she consults with them on the tastes of the gift recipient, then picks out several items and presents them for approval. Mullin will then wrap and ship the selected item. It’s perfect for people who are clueless or strapped for time, she said.

When giving fashion advice, Mullin said she does push people to try new things, but never wants them to leave their comfort zone. Her service is not about creating a phony look, but the best look.

If someone can see her services would be useful to a loved one, Style MAR packages can be purchased in the form of gift cards.

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