Get ready for Sundance, but follow the rules |

Get ready for Sundance, but follow the rules

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

City Hall has posted on its website information about numerous topics related to conducting business in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival, a guide designed for people who will operating in the city alongside the festival.

The municipal government tightly regulates activities like showing movies not entered into a festival, parking and business licensing. People in Park City during Sundance, many of whom are not associated with Sundance or festival movies, regularly break the rules, though.

The information on the website is an attempt to inform people of the regulations before they arrive.

Some of the topics on the website include:

  • liquor license regulations, involve both City Hall and state alcohol regulators
  • the licensing requirements for people who want to operate a hospitality or a gifting suite, which is a place where corporate interests hand out swag bags to celebrities
  • the construction of temporary structures like tents
  • whether a private home can be rented for parties. City Hall provides detailed information about the topic, including that a home or a condominium cannot be used for promotional or commercial purposes.
  • the locations where films are allowed to be screened. The posting indicates screenings are prohibited in retail or residential spaces.
  • the process someone must adhere to before being allowed to temporarily increase the amount of people allowed in a space

    The website outlines timelines for many of the permitting processes.

    Park City buzzes during Sundance, especially in locations like Main Street and many of the festival’s official venues, which include theaters, exhibit space and sponsor area. City Hall officials in departments like Building, Planning and Special Events handle the permitting. They also are often seen patrolling Main Street and elsewhere in an effort to ensure the rules are followed. The patrols are in addition to the long hours logged by the Police Department during the festival.

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    The festival is scheduled from Jan. 19 until Jan. 29. Much of the permitting through City Hall will occur in the weeks leading up to the start of the festival, but there typically are stragglers filing paperwork in the last few days before the festival opens.

    The information on City Hall’s website is available at . Select the ‘Living Here’ button on the front page and then ‘Special Events & Facilities’ in the dropdown menu followed by ‘Sundance Film Festival.’

    Sundance is typically the most bustling week of the year in Park City, attracting film lovers, movie stars, the paparazzi and celebrity gawkers. The festival is widely seen as the top domestic marketplace of independent films and is considered, alongside festivals in places like Cannes, France, and Toronto, as one of the top film festivals on the international circuit. Some of the titles that screened at Sundance in recent years include "The Blair Witch Project," "An Inconvenient Truth," and "Super Size Me."