Giant Olympic torch sculpture will soon reappear at its new home |

Giant Olympic torch sculpture will soon reappear at its new home

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Workers have started preparing the site where the giant Olympic torch sculpture that once stood outside the Kimball Art Center will be installed.

The location is at the high-traffic intersection of Kearns Boulevard and Bonanza Drive.

Mark J. Fischer, who holds ideas to redevelop the Bonanza Park district and controls the land where it is being placed, wants the sculpture to someday mark the entrance to the district.

Fischer anticipates the sculpture, made by Park City-area artist Bill Kranstover, will be installed at the site by late August. A small plaza will be built at the location as well.

It had been outside the Kimball for most of the time since the Games. It was put into storage in anticipation of the move to Bonanza Park. Art Center officials said removing the sculpture from the Kimball’s plaza provided opportunities to use the space in other ways.

Fischer says a time capsule will be put into a concrete vault being built underneath the new site for the sculpture. He says community members, the schools, the resorts and government leaders will be asked to put items into the time capsule.

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The length for the time capsule to remain buried has not been set, and Fischer says 50 years, 75 years and 100 years are under consideration. He says input from the community will help determine the length of time.

Approximately half of the sporting events during the 2002 Winter Olympics were held in the Park City area.