Girl falls off chairlift at The Canyons |

Girl falls off chairlift at The Canyons

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Onlookers on the ground likely kept a 7-year-old girl from suffering serious injuries when she fell off a chairlift at The Canyons Wednesday afternoon.

"Some people took off padding that was around one of the poles that holds up the chairlift," said Snyderville Basin resident Jean Tabin.

Tabin said the girl who fell from the Sun Peak Express chairlift near the Sun Lodge is her niece.

"A bunch of people held the padding under the child and when the child fell they caught her," Tabin said in a telephone interview Thursday. "She could have died or been paralyzed falling that far."

Massachusetts resident Jan Tabin, 7, was not injured.

The girl was in stable condition when she was taken in an ambulance to the Park City Medical Center at about 4:35 p.m., a spokesman for the Park City Fire District said.

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"She was unharmed. Besides being banged up, she had no injures because of them catching her," Tabin said. "I just think it was amazing that these people saved this little girl. She was dangling for some time."

Several people have fallen from chairlifts this winter, she said.

"Everybody has to be attentive of these kids," Tabin said. "Especially if parents don’t live in the area and they are not used to getting kids on chairlifts. Attendants really need to be on the lookout so that kids get on chairlifts properly."

A spokesman for The Canyons was not immediately available to comment.

"She started to fall off pretty soon after being loaded on. She never got onto the chairlift properly," Tabin said. "Her mother was thinking they were going to stop it and they didn’t stop it."

A child fell between 20 and 30 feet off a chairlift while skiing at Deer Valley Resort Jan. 12. The child was on the Sterling Express lift when he fell.