Girls’ hoops finish season in Morgan |

Girls’ hoops finish season in Morgan

Kristina Eastham, Of the Record staff

The Park City High School girls’ basketball team wrapped up its season Friday with a 32-60 loss at Region Nine’s Morgan High School in the first round of the state playoffs.

The Trojans played aggressive offense in the first quarter, coupled with a stifling defense. While the Miners never gave up, and even managed to outscore Morgan in the fourth quarter, the effort was not enough to come back from the 17-point lead Morgan earned in the first quarter.

According to Park City head coach Matt Mapstone "Once they stole the ball a few times right away and jumped out to a really quick lead, you know, it takes a lot out of us."

Although Bishop scored four points off rebounds in the first quarter, the Trojans had racked up 21 quickly. The Trojans boasted a number of good outside shooters, putting in three threes just in the first quarter. Morgan’s 4-21 lead would be ultimately impossible for the Miners to overcome.

"It’s a team that I thought we could play with, but when things just go that wrong that early, we’re not a team that can dig ourselves out of a hole that deep," Mapstone said.

However, the Miners stayed true to their style and refused to give up.

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"We may not have had the skill level of some of the teams, but they never quit playing, which is a very strong point," Mapstone said.

While the Trojans continued to score during the second quarter, the Miners put on more pressure defensively as well as stepping up their offense. Late in the second quarter, senior Angela Edwards stole the ball from the Trojans, passing it to Emily Gordon who scored and drew a foul, earning another point on the free throw. At the end of the first half the score stood at 14-38.

The Miners’ intensity increased throughout the game, and they finished with a strong fourth quarter, outscoring Morgan 11-9. However, the effort was not enough to come back from the devastating first quarter.

"We just couldn’t limit the damage they did right away," Mapstone said.

The Miners finished the season with nine wins. Mapstone noted the girls had not made the playoffs for the last two years and he believes the experience will benefit and motivate next year’s returning players. The time they have committed to spend training this summer also makes him optimistic about next year.

"Our experience for next year is going to be good," Mapstone said. "We have six players that have played varsity before, so next year we’ll be much more experienced."

The Miners’ graduating seniors are Edwards, Aubrey Warner, Lauren Deane and Rhianon Stevens.

In the Park City High School boys basketball team’s first appearance in the postseason in many years, the Miners lost 63-43, but five of the Park City boys scored at seven points or more, including Ryan Daniels with seven, Tony Epperson, Brett Miller and Ryan Emerson with eight, and Ryan Papez with nine points. Park City trailed by just six at halftime, 36-30, but had trouble scoring in the second half and were unable to keep the game close.