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‘Giving a Bleep’ raises $10,000 for area nonprofits

"Giving a Bleep," the theatrical spoof and fundraiser presented by the nonprofit organization of the same name, raised just over $10,000 during its two-weekend run on Oct. 27 and 28, and Nov. 2 and 3, at The Yard.

Executive director Annette Velarde established the Giving a Bleep organization to help all the other Park City area nonprofits and is happy with the result.

"This was our first year out of the gate, and I am thrilled," Velarde said. "In fact, we’ve already set our goal for next year, and we would like to, in the subsequent years, double the previous year’s total."

When people purchased their tickets online at http://www.givingableep.com , they were able to scroll to a drop-down box and choose which nonprofit they wanted their money to benefit.

"The purpose of ‘Park City Giving a Bleep’ is to support the other nonprofits, and make people laugh," Velarde said. "This opening run of four shows was just perfect for us."

For the past 18 months, Velarde and her crew, namely husband Ricardo and board members Ani Robertson, Joel Fine and Dwayne Vance, lived and breathed the production.

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"All of them have been so enthusiastic about the project," Velarde said. "They were the core team to help this happen."

Velarde also praised co-writer Missy Hilton for her work on the show.

"Not only was Missy my co-writer, but she was with Ricardo and me every step of the way," Velarde said. "If we needed someone to catch us, she was there. Every time we needed something, she was there."

As the opening night loomed near, Velarde had a feeling that things would be OK.

"Sure there were times when I got frustrated, like when I tried to get our liquor license, I was not full of fear like I thought I would be," she said.

While opening night wasn’t sold out, the subsequent performances were.

"It always surprises me what people laugh at, because they aren’t always laughing at the same things I laugh at," Velarde said. "I mean, the stuff I think is funny is rarely seen as funny by others in the same room, so I was pleased with the production because someone at any given time was laughing at least at one of the lines."

Velarde and her crew are also thankful for Mark Fischer, who donated The Yard as the venue for the show.

"On Sunday, after the closing night, we cleaned up the space and it was weird taking everything apart and returning things to what they were," Velarde said. "It was so surreal, because when we first walked into the place, there was nothing there, but we felt something magical."

During the cleanup, ideas for next year’s show started to develop.

"It’s going to be a wonderful project," Velarde said. "Our goal is to do six shows, over the course of two weekends."

For more information about Park City Giving a Bleep, visit http://www.parkcitygivingableep.com.