Got resolutions? Rec centers ready to help |

Got resolutions? Rec centers ready to help

Adia Waldburger, of the Record staff

Ah, the holidays that magical time of year when the buffet tables are never ending and that 1,000-calorie per ounce eggnog just seems to make sense. Then, a week later, reality gives way to resolutions to make a change for better health in the New Year. To help people meet that challenge, the Park City Racquet Club (PCRC), the South Summit Aquatic and Fitness Center (SSAFC) and Basin Recreation have put together fitness programs to get people motivated and moving in the New Year.

Park City Racquet Club

For the past few years, the Racquet Club has been running some version of a workout that sends people all over map. That means, for each spin or aerobic class, patrons would move from one "destination" to another across the country to track how much progress they were making and to keep things exciting.

But this year, Park City fitness coordinator Karen Yocum decided to try something different.

She figured that the biggest challenge for people starting a new workout program is actually getting started. So, she decided to redesign the program to help people start a fitness program they can stick with.

Racquet Club 101

The PCRC’s 101 series features fitness classes at a beginner level during the month of January. According to Yocum, the instructors will offer basic cues, forms and equipment to successfully perform in the class. Classes will include, yoga, Pilates, circuit-training and spinning. In February, the classes will move onto the 201 level. They will be a step higher in difficulty but still basic enough for newcomers to attend. After the two months, Yocum says that patrons should be feeling prepared and comfortable enough to attend any class.

Classes will be offered once a week at different times.

Winter Challenge

The Winter Challenge is another way to help people get a strong start toward meeting their fitness goals. The three-month-long program will slowly progress through different elements of fitness so that by the end of March, people will have a well-rounded fitness routine.

"We just wanted people to do something more," Yocum said. "Its get people in new areas and pushes them to do something else."

In January, the focus will be cardio.

"If you are just starting, you will need a base," Yocum said. "Generally, that’s cardio."

Yocum has devised a "1-15-30" challenge for people to reach by the end of the month. Translated, that means doing a one-hour cardiovascular workout, 15 times within the 30 days. Training programs will be provided if needed.

In February, the focus shifts to weights. This time its "3-4-.5", which means three days of weight lifting for four weeks at one half-hour per time. There will be an introduction to the weight room at the start of the month and two circuit workouts will be provided to make things easier. Yocum adds that this component is also good for people who already have an established cardio program, because it encourages them to do something more.

Finally, in March, the challenge will start increasing with the "10-10-10" program, which is 10 miles and 10 tons for 10 days. Patrons must combine their cardio and strength routine and complete 10 miles-worth of cardio exercise and lift 10 tons of weights over the 10-day period.

"I think people will be amazed at the benefits they receive," Yocum said.

Unlike the previous program where all patrons were automatically included in the program, this one is country. There will be a $15 fee charged, which includes a T-shirt and instructional help. There will also be prizes and giveaways offered throughout the three months.

For more information on the Racquet Club programs, call 615-5401 or log onto .

South Summit Aquatic and Fitness Center

Trek Across Utah

Now in its third year, South Summit’s "Trek Across Utah" continues to be a popular option for people looking to get in shape. The program takes club members on a virtual journey around the state from Logan to St. George. According to program creator and SSAFC director Steve Sutherland, patrons can use any of a number of different types of cardio to make their trek. He suggests the treadmill, running on the indoor track, or taking a brisk walk outside as just a few options.

"The idea is to get people out and moving," Sutherland said.

Each time people complete a workout, they are moved farther along through the Beehive State, based on how many miles they completed.

Participants must be members of the fitness center and register at the front desk. At that point they are given a sheet to track their progress. As they complete mileage they will move along the map until they reach five different destinations on the trek. Sutherland has determined a reasonable amount of time in which people should arrive at each location. He says that destinations around 100 miles away will have a two-week time segment and the 200-mile stops will take three weeks. the end of March, most people should have, figuratively speaking, arrived in St. George. At each stop there will be a prize drawing for everyone that made it to the destination in the allotted amount of time. The first person to arrive at each stop also gets a prize. Sutherland says that prizes will often correspond with the destination, such as a coupon to the Macaroni Grill in Salt Lake for the Salt Lake stop.

"It’s a good motivation factor," Sutherland said. "It’s not just a month program. It’s drawn out to three months. After three months, you are into a routine."

The program will start on Jan. 1, but Sutherland says that members can start at any time in the three-month period, as long as they are able to keep up with the mileage.

For more information on the SSAFC program, call (435) 783-2425 or log onto .

Basin Recreation

Boot Camp

The Field House’s Full Function Training’s Park City Boot Camp training program, run by local soccer and fitness guru Will Cummins, will begin once again in the new year. The four-week training program offers a total body workout, including core training, joint stability, strength, flexibility and cardio. The classes are designed for participants to learn about proper training and exercise so that they will be able to achieve long-term benefits from the class. Cummins offers class for different ages and abilities at different times in the day.

"These classes are really popular," said Basin Recreation fitness coordinator Matt Strader. "I bet that class will be really slamming at the beginning of the year.

The next session begins on Jan. 2. For more information, visit

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