Grateful to Park City ‘village’ for support during recovery |

Grateful to Park City ‘village’ for support during recovery

Trine Vik, Park City

My name is Trine Vik. I’m a Park City native, born and raised. This Thanksgiving I am bursting with so much gratitude that I want to share it with The Park Record.

In March I woke up on a cold snowy day with chest pain and shortness of breath (I am 22 years old). My mom drove me to the Park City hospital where I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism that was believed to be caused by my birth control. I was in horrible pain and terrified, but the staff was absolutely amazing. My physicians from the ED to the admit floor were wonderful, the radiology techs made me laugh (which actually hurt a lot), and I spent my 22nd birthday in my hospital bed eating birthday cake with my nurses. Since then I have returned multiple times for lab tests and for an emergency visit that ended up being a false-alarm clot. Everyone there is always so courteous and kind and I am so grateful that we have this resource in Park City.

I am also grateful for my Park City "village," as I call them because it takes a village to raise a child that helped me and my family while I was recovering. Family and friends all took turns providing meals, driving me to doctors’ appointments and supporting me in my recovery. Friendships old and new were solidified during this time and I can’t imagine going through that without them.

Most of all, I am so grateful I can sleep lying down and laugh without crying (from the pain)! I am grateful for my health, that I am off blood thinners, that I can ski, hike and bike my dear Park City trails. I am grateful that I am alive and living in such a wonderful place.

Having someone to relate to about the struggles of recovering was monumentally important for me, so I am currently trying to reach out to others, particularly young people, who need additional support while they deal with a blood clot or other health crisis. Through one-on-one mentoring and support, I can provide emotional, spiritual and practical support to catalyze the healing of others in my community. My story and mission are on

I just graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in medical anthropology and I will be applying to medical schools next summer. I am so passionate about turning this horrible life event into something that will help others and I really think The Park Record can help me do that.

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