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Guest Editorial

Mike McCarthy, Park City This Memorial Day, I would like to award a thumbs up to all the fine people who made the Memorial Day observance at the Park City Cemetery a great success. First, thanks to Bob Kaylor and Sally Rajamaki for organizing the event.

A thumbs down, however, to The Park Record’s editorial board for their editorial of May 24. At a time when even the most partisan of editors and writers spent time to recognize and analyze Memorial Day’s meaning, The Park Record focused on the political event concerning President Bush’s fundraiser in Park City. The fund-raiser is an important news event, but it pales next to the importance of Memorial Day.

Disregarding the political aspects of your editorial. You raise two other points. First, you mention your discomfort at the national media’s covering of events leading to the Iraq war. Like politics, media coverage is local and to understand the problems with the media, read columnist Tom Clyde’s piece in your paper.

Next, you refer to General Colin Powell as Bush’s "puppet." I worked on General Powell’s immediate staff when he was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. General Powell is no one’s puppet. He was given incorrect intelligence by the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and every other organization responsible for national intelligence gathering. If you knew anything about intelligence organizations, you would know that they are, in the end, just best guesses. I would also guess that General Powell is very sorry about that whole episode, since was the only cabinet member to have seen war and the resultant body bags.

In my view, General Colin Powell is one of the greatest of living Americans. He worked his way up the very competitive military command ladder through hard work and intelligence. Furthermore, General Powell is a man of great personal integrity. In fact, General Powell is the George C. Marshall of our time. Unfortunately, Marshall had Roosevelt and Truman as his Presidents while Powell had George W. Bush.

I can give The Park Record over 4,000 reasons why you should recognize the sacrifices made by our men and women in Iraq. There are another 100,000 reasons why you should recognize the sacrifices made in Vietnam and Korea. The list goes on. Next year, the editorial board should focus on the sacrifices made by the Americans who served and died for their country and not another fund-raiser by the super rich.

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