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Guest Editorial

I hope that you will read the following email I have sent the Commissioners of Summit County. It seems Wal-Mart took their own polls in asking for patrons who want to have a super Wal-Mart in the area. Of course they had a unanimous "yes." I was never asked to participate and none of the people I talked with at the Commissioners’ meeting had been approached. It was clearly a slanted vote. Please let the citizens be heard in Park City. There is a monopoly here who are using their ‘big bucks" to influence our Commissioners.

Dear Summit County Commissioners:

I have tried to send this email to you several times, but keeps getting booted back. I hope your mail box is not full and you will not be getting any more mail, as you need to know the impact you are all proposing for the upcoming expansion of Wal-Mart.

Firstly, the traffic is a problem, no matter how you slice it. Have you not noticed how many small towns have fought this in the past? Many have won, and many have lost. The ones who lost to the monopolizing Wal-Mart have gone from a town to a city. Please don’t let that happen to us.

You state that you have all the traffic problems solved. Well, I don’t think you have the Olympic Drive road solved as yet. This is still not decided with the Redstone people. Just what if it is delayed? Just what if it doesn’t go through? Have you thought this out? Please reconsider that what you propose will heavily impact our little Park City.

I realize you want growth and taxes to pay for fixing up our city. However, do you want to lose the quality that Park City represents? Wal-Mart is known for cheapening an area just look at it now? Are you proud of the debris and junk you see in the parking lot? It brings down the cachet of a resort town like Park City and that, in turn, will pull down the real estate values. This is true of any city that the "Super Wal-Mart" has entered. Do the research.

After attending the meeting last night (July 23), I could clearly see where each of you stood on this issue. I don’t know if Bob Richer was playing devil’s advocate, but he clearly represented Wal-Mart throughout the meeting. As we were justifying everything we thought was a valid point, he was sticking to his view on Wal-Mart rights. Ken Woolstenhulme was still upset from the last issue of traffic from the Olympic venue and is probably going to teach us all a good lesson on this. He doesn’t live here. He has no vested interest. I have voted for Sally in the past, and I shall vote for her in the future. She represents what our small town wants. She is not into large growth and that is why she was elected. Bob Richer is on the Community Development-Planning Commission. So I guess we know where his interests lie.

Please, please know that the citizens of this county understand the inevitable growth of a community. But we don’t have to jump into this without thinking. Please research the other towns that have fought this. Understand why they do not want this impact. Let’s just be an analyst about this, pause and observe the changes of traffic due to road realignment, perhaps compounding the previous errors that have made Kimball Junction the mess that it is.

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