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Guest Editorial

Some years ago I went to hike at the Spiro Trailhead, which was and still is a hiker/biker destination as well as tourists’ hiking/biking destination. To my astonishment, just about all the car-parking spaces were taken away from the public, courtesy of the neighborhood association, in cooperation with the Park City councilmen/mayor of the period.

The net result here is a public street snow removal paid by all of us taxpayers as well as fire department services and other services that come to mind, all paid by us but they have a private street where the public is not permitted to park.

My letter drew fire from a councilman’s aide and a builder, one Rory Murphy, with whom I agreed to meet. In the end the city kept the No Parking signs. I thought they did not have the right or at least the moral right to do so. And I am steadfast of the opinion that at least 10 parking spaces should be reopened to the general public/taxpayers.

Well, folks, I got one better now.

The Iron Canyon trailhead just lost the four precious parking spaces we had after the owners’ association complained!

About what?

I never saw an empty plastic bottle left by us, not even a cigarette butt. On the other hand, many of the workers for houses in the area do leave trash behind, and that’s a fact.

So I called the mayor’s office and spoke to Dana as well as a councilman (no names) and they both returned calls, maybe even felt that not allowing the public parking at the trailhead was not such a great idea. Well, the fact is, they say, it will be considered in the fall session.

Well and good, but meanwhile remove the No Parking signs. This is a public street, not a private street, unless the association pays for the services out of pocket. If you do park, the owner adjacent will call and you will be towed. Further, the trailhead existed before people bought and built (at least some of them).

It leaves me unhappy that each neighborhood will now have the ability to demand from the city some privacy from us, the hikers, bikers, dog walkers, etc. Soon they will have an armed guard at the head of each street armed with sling shots and what not.

Great, why don’t I go to the Uintas and spend some gas, find a place to hike until the next developer comes along. If anyone thinks I’m mad, well, it’s an understatement.

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