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Guest Editorial

We have quite a sizable aviation-related community in Park City, whether we are pilots, flight attendants, ramp workers, FAA or General Aviation enthusiasts. Thus it is important to us locally to have more facts regarding our avocation/industry before making our choice for president. Comparable to other large industries, organized labor is an essential aspect of the success of the larger entities of commercial and private aviation. Without unions with written contracts, the aviation labor force has few rights whatsoever in terms of work rules such as pay, benefits, crew scheduling/crew rest, seniority-based bidding, furlough, scope, just to name a few. As with other large U.S. industries, unions are historically the backbone of the success of American labor.

John McCain has been and will continue to be a thorn in the side of the aviation community; his voting history and quotes reveal his true anti-labor stance, which is a threat to all employed and/or involved in the field of aviation.

McCain has stated that:

The right to unionize is "Class Warfare" – ’96

Solving flight-attendant fatigue issues is "ridiculous" – ’07

Pilots go on strike "to satisfy their personal greed" – ’00

Increased foreign ownership "in our airlines can be very helpful" – ’06

Contract air traffic control towers are "just as safe – or in some cases safer – as FAA staffed towers" – ’03

McCain has repeatedly acted against Aviation Labor Rights, he:

Backs companies that fire or replace lawfully striking workers – ’92, ’94, ’95

Backed Eastern Airlines’ bankruptcy plan, which avoided labor negotiations and destroyed 43,000 jobs – ’89

Fought to gut pilots’ pension rights – ’92

Blocked FedEx workers from forming a union – ’96

Led the fight to impose "baseball-style arbitration" on bargaining disputes to help management and hurt workers – ’01

Opposes bargaining rights for U.S. flight crews flying abroad – ’00

Would not support bargaining rights for FAA workers – ’06

Supported Bush’s declaration that union rights for airport screeners are a "terrorism risk" – ’03

In addition, McCain has:

Voted against jobless benefits for laid-off airline workers – ’01

Supported $752 million in cuts to aviation security programs – ’06

Voted against safety and security standards for U.S. aircraft repairs in third world countries – ’03

These historical bullets are factual; all are documented from his votes and quotes and this is not a comprehensive list, only an example. These actions should scare you if you’re not only involved in aviation, but a member of the voting public in general. Don’t further harm the U.S. labor force and economy by voting for McCain.

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