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Guest Editorial

Michael S. "Boots" Robinson, Sandy, Utah

On Election Day most Americans will be focused on the economic crisis. This is sadly short-sighted because, while the economic crisis affects everyone, it will end, and hopefully soon. Foreign policy, though, should our primary concern. It is foreign policy that will guide the future of America and the world. Bringing down despotic leaders and joining with other nations to end genocide and protect human rights, is something America should do. Invading sovereign nations and stuffing democracy down their throats is not OK. It stinks of the Crusades, wherein thousands of innocent human beings were slain in an attempt to claim the Holy Land and force Christianity on people of a different culture and religion.

Like our president, many Westerners have a shoot-em-or-string-’em-up mentality. We called the Colt revolver the "Peacemaker," but guns don’t create peace. Violence begets more violence. We’ve seen before that, if there’s peace between nations with communication that creates understanding and respect a more democratic world will be the natural outcome. That’s something Obama seems to believe in. The last thing the U.S. needs is a hawkish shoot-first-think-later president. We’ve seen tragic results from President Bush’s immature, hasty decisions. He now has blood on his hands, and Iraq is not necessarily any closer to being a democracy.

Westerners take pride in being "conservatives." Recent polls show evidence that many so-called Republican conservatives are not happy with McCain and are likely to vote for Obama. Those same polls show that Democrats are happy with their candidate and his strengths. I was a long-time Republican. But Obama seems to be the real conservative in this election, with an avowed fair-handedness and a commitment of respect for all Americans.

Obama has shown superior honesty and decency in his campaign. Republicans and Democrats alike have reacted strongly to McCain’s dishonesty and his innuendo-and-smear-laden campaign ads. McCain’s no straight shooter. I used to view him as a person of conviction, honesty, fairness, and independence of mind, and would gladly have voted for McCain eight years ago. Now his character seems to have succumbed to his quest for power the same thing that’s ruined many of those who sought America’s highest offices. I don’t love Obama. I distrust his remarkable oratory just because he’s soooo good. But he’s an intelligent man, with the maturity that can make him a good president.

McCain would likely die in office. Both Republicans and Democrats seem to agree on the unfitness of his running mate. Obama’s not perfect, but he’s a good choice for conservatives from both parties. The McCain-Palin ticket’s anything but conservative. Hopefully America’s choice will end the gargantuan excesses which have threatened to bring down America and the entire world. The last eight years weren’t "conservative." Let’s not do it again.

Michael Robinson, a part-time Deer Valley resident, is a published Utah writer, humorist, and musician. He is best known for his serious, philosophical range writings and his down-home cowboy philosophy.

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