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Guest editorial

It seems readers of The Park Record agree: Breaking the law is OK. I have some very smart, thank you Mr. Cahane, friends in the Latino community, who are not real down with the derogatory stereotype they get because they’re lumped in with some newly-arrived illegals who bring drugs, crime and health issues to this community. My legally-employed helper bicycled to my job the other day because his car was stolen. His Spanish expletives about the culprits new illegal SLC Spanish gangs are unprintable. His voice isn’t heard. Others of us aren’t either, because: It’s now politically correct to shout down anyone who supports controlling our borders as a racist. And anyone who believes that hiring illegal workers is wrong is a bigot. And we’re prejudiced if we disagree that the good, hard-working people who painstakingly immigrated (as some of our parents did) through proper channels should be painted with the same brush as the ballooning number of cheaters who circumvent the law to get here. High schoolers, I have just learned, are now being taught that spewing their favorite hate-filled, offensive epithets at those with whom they may disagree is the present intellectually-preferred vehicle for problem resolution. My daughter’s best friend in kindergarten is Nicaraguan. She helps us with Spanish. The family, who had the nerve to do the right (legal) thing when coming here, now work their tails off and bless the opportunities here. These people ARE the next America. They are this town’s future, indeed this country’s. These and many other Hispanics left their homelands partly because they detested the criminality in their own countries& only to see support for lawlessness nurtured here. Are these families bigots too? The "illegal immigrants are the only ones doing the jobs no one else wants" argument is just plain stupid. I guess we’d all walk around with unwashed clothes and live in unpainted houses if not for criminally excused workers. No, actually, there’d be a fairer playing field in the work place. We’d pay a bit more for our fast food and hotel rooms, and entry-level working stiffs would get paid a proper wage& and maybe gain a little dignity. One could deduce that the argument for hiring the undocumented is no more than a lazy attempt by our socially elite to justify their own easier and less costly lifestyles, by undercutting the worth of honest laborers. Your writers seem to want to stroke their own affectations and self-important resumes than address the point: The law. The Record, for its part, is predictably silent in allowing anything that might mitigate a prejudicial agenda aimed at a conjured up "bigot du jour." When you all get finished congratulating each other on your sanctimonious platitudes and vulgar name-calling, mix some reality in. I would take a bullet to defend my daughter and, if necessary, any one of her schoolmates no matter what their last name is or what their nationality. I just as fervently will defend our laws the rules all our kids have a right to grow up believing in, standing for and being protected by. Not excused, under the guise of tolerance, are those who preach that their brand of compassion can dictate which laws are best for the rest of us unwashed masses to abide. The laws in America don’t see race or ethnicity when ferreting out illegality, a sacrosanct principle for all our children to learn. It looks to be too late to teach that principle to contributors to the editorial page, who arrogantly wish to circumvent any inconvenient law that doesn’t suit their agenda& and sadly label those who disagree with them racist.

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