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Guest editorial

I’m Beth McIntire, a ninth-grader at Treasure Mountain, and I have some ideas about how to make our community a better place. As residents of Park City we need to start being more conscious about the environment around us if we want to keep it a bustling tourist town. It is easy if we are aware of some of the biggest things that can help us.

1. Stop heating your driveways! It takes up so much extra energy, wastes it when it is a sunny day, and is still trying to melt away unwanted snow. It’s not a necessity! The price tag is huge. To get the system installed alone starts around $8,000 or more, and it costs hundreds of dollars every month. Why would you want to pay tons of money instead of taking thirty minutes to an hour to clear your own driveway? Many empty homes have heated driveways for nothing! It may be nice, but it isn’t worth wasting all the electricity. Creating electricity is fueled by burning fossil fuels, which is bad for our air. Hiring someone to clear your driveway for you can create jobs in this bad economy, which is great for you and them, if you don’t want to do it yourself.

2. Carpool or take public transit to work and school. Our community has a free city bus system, and school buses. Why waste gas and money if there is a way to get there free? Many neighbors and friends might have the same job or activities as you, so snag a ride from them or offer one to a friend. Hey, here’s an idea: buy a more fuel-efficient car or a hybrid!

3. Recycle recyclable things! There is so much more to recycle than we may think. We can recycle old electronics, glass, paper, plastic, and many other things. Do not be lazy! Many people even have a big grey bin to put plastic recyclables in, which is just like the blue trash bin. It is just as easy to take out the recyclables as it is to take out the trash. It is good for the Earth, and easy to take soda cans, glass, and outdated magazines to the Recycling Center on Woodbine Avenue. We have five great ways to recycle: bringing the Park City Recycling Center your recyclables, call Rocky Mountain Power to pick up old refrigerators and freezers, we can reuse everything possible, and compost your garbage. It can make great soil for your garden, and it’s right outside your door!

4. We must conserve more water! We only need to give our lawns and golf courses a drink once a day or maybe even every other. A smart way to save water is to water at night or early in the morning when the sun isn’t out to evaporate a lot of it. Our yards can look just as good, save us money and, we can save some water for the fish that way.

Let’s keep Park City green and friendly to help benefit the environment and the future, since most tourists want to visit something beautiful. Think about our Earth and what it’s done for you!

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