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Guest Editorial

MARC WANGSGARD and JIM DOILNEY Newpark Town Center Builders

This responds to concerns about Newpark Town Center naming its main street New Main Street. Printed and rumored objections include: (1) Public safety issues about 911 responders going to the wrong main street. (2) Kimball Junction businesses profiting from Park City’s reputation, such as The Factory Stores "at Park City." (3) Consumer confusion, potentially mistaking New Main Street with historic Main Street. (1) The name New Main Street was approved by county planning officials and fire district officials two years ago. Public safety was considered and determined to not be a concern. The New Main Street signs were installed and the development plat, with New Main Street, was recorded. Public safety will not be a problem, as demonstrated by existing street names in the city: Prospector Avenue (Prospector Village), Prospector Drive (Thaynes Canyon), Prospect Street (Old Town), Meadows Drive, Meadow Creek Drive, Creek Court, Silver Cloud Street, Silver Cloud Court, Silver King Drive, Silver Lake Drive etc. (2) Everyone in the region benefits from Park City’s reputation. Homeowners throughout western Summit County use a mailing address with "Park City" even though they are not technically in the city. Basin retailers advertise their location as Park City. This is proper and customary for other resort communities throughout the country. Why? Because the reputation of an area is created by the entire region surrounding it. Park City’s wonderful image was not created solely by those that live and work on within the municipal boundary line. Between us, we’ve lived in the city for over 40 years, but we do not claim to own Park City’s reputation any more or less than a merchant who just moved in or commutes from outside the county. (3) The most pressing concern is fear of Kimball Junction’s commercial core taking business away from historic Main Street. For us, this seems inappropriate. It is the American way that competition is welcome. No one has a right to the last restaurant, shop, gallery, etc. Newpark never intended to replace Main Street. Newpark selected New Main Street to reflect our intentions – create a community heart for county residents. This was the vision of public officials, who identified Kimball Junction as Summit County’s town center more than a decade ago. Now that western Summit County’s population nearly doubles Park City’s, Redstone and Newpark are delivering a town center. New Main Street and Newpark are applying "New Thinking." After studying the successes and limitations of historic Main Street, as well as the best of "Main Streets" around the country and world, the Basin Planning Commission, Summit County Commission, planning department and our Newpark team established many goals for the county’s town center: "Maximize walking to shops and take advantage of transit opportunities. "Donate important place making functions — Basin Recreation Complex site; future Swaner Nature Preserve Education Center; and Sun Calendar Plaza with water fountains to attract children. "Subsidize 20,000 square feet of affordable housing for local service workers. "Provide adequate parking convenient to shopping. "Prohibit time-share solicitations along retail streets. "Provide exciting public art throughout the project. "Enhance trail use by creating a new trail that borders Swaner Nature Preserve and connects to existing trails North of I-80 and South to Park City. Achieving these goals will result in a New Main Street worthy of its name, and yet very different from the irreplaceable historic Main Street, whose presence everyone in the region has loved for more than a century. Beyond street names, Newpark incorporates the most effective green and community thinking possible. . . New thinking about traffic, energy and water consumption and open space preservation: Our hope now is to work with the Park City and county officials to resolve this sudden conflict.

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