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Guest Editorial

David G. Clark, Park City

I am a Republican, and a candidate for president. My platform is: pay off the national debt.

We have all paid off debt in our lives so we know the process. For the U.S. government the process will be as follows:

1. Cut expenses. I estimate a savings of $1 trillion per annum, coming from waste, inefficiencies and unwanted expenditures.

2. A surtax on the wealthy. I estimate receipts of $1 trillion.

3. Tax receipts from the subsequent growth in the economy.

If elected president, I will take the vote, walk it down to Congress, put it on their table and ask them to put together a plan to pay off the national debt. I would hope to have a very collegial relationship with all members of Congress. We will be doing the people’s business of historic proportions. I don’t say this lightly, but the greatest single day in the history of the United States will be when the first dollar on the debt clock in New York City turns counterclockwise and is the color green.

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I have it on the best authority that the wealthy will be more than accommodating to a surtax. I have worked in the Wall Street business for 26 years and wealthy people have told me they are more than willing to pay a surtax. Money seeks value. The more value you offer, the more money is available. Paying off the national debt will bring the price of oil down to $40 a barrel, or $1.50 per gallon of gasoline. The purchasing power of the dollar will double; an expensive foreign automobile will go from $60,000 to $30,000.

Growth and jobs: Paying off the national debt will get our country going in the right direction. Every citizen will benefit. And the horse will be before the cart again. An idea, a plan, and leadership will all be evident. From that will come confidence. With confidence and leadership America can do anything. America has everything and America is everything. We all know that.

My sub-platforms are Social Security and health care.

I advocate maintaining Social Security. The original idea was sound and reasonable: take money out of one’s paycheck during their working years and return it, monthly, upon retirement. This accomplished two things: making sure that the elderly did not starve and allowing them to retire so that younger people could replace them in their jobs. Obviously, it wasn’t helpful when the government took that money and spent and now complain that it isn’t going to be there for the retirees. That benefit is bought and paid for, absent its misappropriation.

Regarding health care, I would restructure the system. A comprehensive system would create efficiencies of scale and cost savings which we can’t even imagine today. And technology would be employed to its fullest capacity. And most important of all, I would restructure the health care system so that it would garner at least a 90% approval rating of "good" or better.

If the editors of The Park Record will indulge me further, I will outline my campaign strategy at a later date.

This endeavor might have been a long shot a month ago. But not any more.

Thank you.