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Guest Editorial

Marci Hansen, Wanship

At the North Summit Rec District’s Open House held June 5 at the Coalville Middle School, a supporter of the committee, possibly a family member, made the comment that those of us who opposed the center and opposed paying higher taxes were being "selfish" because that person thought we could afford the higher taxes. I would like to know where they are keeping the crystal ball that lets them know who can and who cannot afford to pay higher taxes and why they think it is their responsibility to judge how others should spend their hard-earned money. As far as being selfish goes, that person might do well to look into the mirror.

Selfishness is trying to build a lavish rec center that is not a need but a want, especially in these economic conditions.

Selfishness is putting the measure on the ballot before all town meetings are held and public opinion heard.

It might be considered selfish (and also unethical) to have a branch of the same institution that will facilitate the funding of the proposed bond do the feasibility study.

It might also seem selfish and again, unethical, to have the lending institutions representative be the one who asks the County Council to have the measure put on the ballot instead of appointed committee members or the rec director.

It might seem selfish to some to pay an architect 5.7 to 6% of the bond amount (around $450,000) to do plans when other architects have said they would do it for 3%.

Selfishness is taxing 100% of a community to pay for a facility that only 14 to 30% of the community is projected to use.

Selfishness is building an area in the rec center for a private tumbling business and then expecting taxpayers to fund the space.

Selfishness is the loss of revenue the current lessor of the tumbling business will experience if this bond passes.

Selfishness is forcing parents to decide which child won’t get piano lessons because of increased taxes.

Selfishness is collecting 2012 levy taxes on a building before it is started or completed and raising the levy amount in 2013, again, without a finished building.

Selfishness is forcing a business owner who has already taken a 60% reduction in revenue to decide which employee will have to be laid off in order to pay the higher taxes.

Selfishness is causing rents to increase because the amount of taxes on a secondary home is almost twice as much as a primary residence.

You might consider it selfish that the Rec District uses taxpayer dollars to promote their ideas with mailers, cookies and posters, yet refused to let any opposing information be sent with the voter information pamphlet.

Selfishness is telling people revenues will come from growth, yet, only one building permit has been issued in North Summit County in six months, and Coalville’s population actually decreased from the 2000 to 2010 Census.

Selfishness is passing on debt to our children and grandchildren who are already in the red some $15 trillion dollars.

Selfishness is not looking at suggested options, including building the center with donations.

It is childish to call someone who doesn’t agree with you, or has different priorities, selfish!

Thank goodness for "selfish people" who are courageous enough to voice their opinions. If that is what we are, then we will proudly wear the scarlet S.

You know, that scarlet S could also stand for super because we dared to stand up for what we believe in and stuck up for the little guy. We will wear it with pride.

"Everyone wants to live at the expense of the state. They forget that the state lives at the expense of everyone." Claude Frédéric Bastiat (1801-1850)

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