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Guest Editorial

John White, Midway

Not since the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution by our forefathers has this country been in such desperate need of governmental leadership. In a recent television interview, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman stated that he was tired of the kind of partisan politics that is going on in Congress today. He is totally disenchanted with the political process and is even considering not attending the upcoming Republican Party Convention.

If ever there was a time that this country needed another political party to break the bipartisanship that presently exists in Congress, it is now! In addition to the existing Red (Republican) and Blue (Democrat) parties, a White (Independent) party is sorely needed. An established Independent political party would provide this country with a viable alternative to solving concerns that seem to have a stranglehold on the two-major-party system. It is a well-known fact that these so called superpowers are in control of this country by financially supporting the candidates of their choice. A few wealthy citizens are controlling the future of America. The problem is, what can we do to change this process?

To create a new paradigm in the political arena is difficult. It starts with an idea, supported by a few, then many, and finally evolving into a full-blown acceptance or movement. An example of this phenomenon is when a sports fan stands up and waves his arms in support of his favorite team. This seems like a good idea by a few and is quickly repeated by others. The end result is a wave-like motion by fans throughout the arena in support of their home team. It is a grassroots movement that has spread across various stadiums and arenas throughout the country. Why can’t this same attitude spill over into our political process?

Now, you are saying, it will not work, because we tried it with the presidential campaign efforts by Ross Perot in 1992-1996 and Ralph Nader in 2004. A third-party concept was perhaps correct for the time, but it was the wrong men leading the charge. With the present quagmire in Congress, we have another opportunity to reestablish a viable third party in American politics. It is too late this year to make a real difference in the November election outcomes, but it is not too late to rekindle an independent political movement that will lead to a different kind of representation in the future. Perhaps a more moderate approach to solving concerns for the betterment of society would be achieved more readily. Emphasis should be on reestablishing the middle class and what is best for their welfare, not necessarily the welfare of the poor or wealthy.

I am not naïve enough to think that an Independent party could be effective in politics without a great amount of money to compete with the other two major parties. However, philanthropists like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, if so inclined, could initially provide start-up money to support a third-party movement. At the same time, it would need the financial support of the masses, at least a ten-dollar contribution from every middle-class citizen, in order to sustain the rigors of political campaigning.

The most important element in this equation is finding the right candidate to represent the people who have been and are distraught with the present Republican and Democrat parties. In my opinion, the perfect candidates for a third-party movement would be Jon Huntsman and Colin Powell. Each would bring a wealth of political knowledge, moderation in solving problems, and most importantly, a decorum of sanity back to Washington, D.C. Who would be your candidates? And who will come to lead us?

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