Guest Editorial, February 29-March 2, 2012 |

Guest Editorial, February 29-March 2, 2012

With all the immoral behavior and negative political rhetoric in the news today, it is reassuring when people come together in a short period of time to recognize their fellow mankind for good deeds. On February 8, 2012, the Midway City Council enthusiastically agreed it would establish a precedent to recognize citizens who work unselfishly to help better the community.

The first of such recognitions was bestowed upon Robert M. Simonsen, a man who tirelessly worked to help in any way he could. He was instrumental in bringing the Olympic Torch through Town Square and worked on numerous projects as an original member of the Midway Heritage Foundation.

Midway City announced a day of commemoration and celebration February 25, 2012. Through the massive efforts of many people, we were able to pull of a very exciting program to honor one of Midway City’s visionaries for the current outdoor ice ink. Bob was honored for his work on what is now the Midway Ice Rink.

We had two short weeks to accomplish a program to honor "Bob." Factors that threatened this task were ice-ink conditions, weather conditions and, of course, Bob’s own personal health issues.

It was truly amazing how many people pulled together to honor this man as he so deserved for his untiring efforts in the community of Midway City.

We were blessed with the generosity of the communities surrounding Midway as far away as Park City. To have individuals join forces to make this a very memorable evening for all who attended.

The bitter cold wind and bad ice conditions did not deter members of the Park City Figures Skaters club, along with the group Crimson Ice, from performing despite the odds against them what was a truly enjoyable and entertaining program that went far beyond the call of duty in the windy frigid weather. The girls and their coaches were major troopers and, despite another hurdle over music issues, performed a thoroughly entertaining and sophisticated program for such young ladies. A special thank you to Erika Roberts and her announcer, and the parents and friends of these performers for enduring the adverse conditions you faced with such grace.

Thank you to Shane Owens and Gary Smith for showing up to help shovel snow and move bleachers at 6:30 a.m. Saturday also above and beyond the call of duty.

Thank you to Cris and Trevor Schulz, Pinnacle Recreation, for all of their hard work to make the ice the best possible despite adverse weather conditions (we wish them much luck in next year’s venture!)

Thank you Midway Mayor Connie Tatton for helping honor Bob as he so deserved, and to CRC for helping us out in a pinch with signs for the event.

To Brian Murphy: Thank you for all of your help and for writing such wonderful prose about Bob.

Thanks to Soldier Hollow, and Matty’s Bistro, for adding something special to our night; The Wasatch Wave for its wonderful concepts and designs, KPMP Radio and Days Market for their generous donations.

Thanks to Ms. Jackie Coleman and her wonderful members of the Wasatch High School String Orchestra. You made the evening so enjoyable with your beautiful music.

Thank you to Dick Hines for your beautiful leadership of the program itself.

Thank you Randon and Gayle Wilson for being there to help set up and make our program reminiscent of the 2002 Winter Olympics!

Thank you to Bob’s wonderful friends and family who took time to recognize Bob for his tireless community service. And a special thank you to Bob’s wife, Alice, for all that you did.

Thank you to all who believe that no true kindness should go unrecognized.

Once again, many thanks to those who made this a very special evening.

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