Guest Editorial, November 25-27, 2009 |

Guest Editorial, November 25-27, 2009

Mark K. Fischer, Park City

The media is full of shocking news a mother sells her five year old into prostitution, an Army major guns down more than 40 of his fellow soldiers but after a while we seem to get a little numb to it. As disturbing as the news is, we can’t muster outrage over every story or we would all be raving mad.

As I read the paper on Wednesday (Nov. 11), however, some words jumped off the page and bit me in the face like a rabid dog that wouldn’t let go. In an article about "Boyergate" discussing who knew what and when, the paper printed the following on page A-2: ‘(City Councilman Joe) Kernan called the agreement a "very complicated deal, very complicated." Regular Parkites, he said, do not understand the "reasons that was an important purchase."’

Were we really back in a feudal system? Was this a bad dream, or an innocent misquote? Had King Dana dispatched Lord Kernan to the castle gates to disperse the gathering crowd of commoners who might dare to ask a question about how their tax dollars were being spent? (By the way, does that mean Lady Candy and Lady Cindy need to resign their Council seats since in the Middle Ages women weren’t deemed smart enough to sit in positions of governance?)

Normally I would be quite proud to be a "regular Parkite," but in this context that unfortunate phrasing hardly seemed complimentary. Who were these poor souls without the intelligence to understand what was good for them? Was it the 10% to 15% of our population that doesn’t speak English as a primary language? Maybe they wouldn’t understand plain English, but they are probably bright enough to understand that we are about to build them a housing project on the outskirts of town and ship them into an experiment that has failed in most cities where it has been tried.

Were the "too stupid to understand" the large number of developers and Realtors in town who have consummated countless land deals in their professional careers? Or was it Park City’s citizens who hold roughly twice the percentage of college degrees as the population of the United States? Maybe it was the business people in town who deal in financial transactions every day, or was it all the lawyers we have in town? Lord knows they wouldn’t understand a complicated transaction.

Since I have lived here for more than ten years, I think I get to call myself a regular Parkite, and proudly so. Maybe I wouldn’t understand the complications of "Boyergate," but I bet there are some people in town who can, and hopefully they could explain it to the rest of us since the Council of Lords has deemed it beneath their dignity to explain themselves.

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Don’t mind us, Lord Kernan. We will just slave away while you raise our property taxes more than 30% in the past year while the rest of the world’s real estate has declined in value. You can just spend our money any way you want without telling us why.

With all apologies to the author of the article, Jay Hamburger, who normally does a pretty good job, this is one instance where I genuinely hope The Park Record made an innocent mistake and got the quote wrong or somehow accidentally took it out of context. If not, the "voters’ remorse" mentioned in an editorial last week could turn into something more like an uprising of the great unwashed masses. Please, Lord Kernan, say you were misquoted. Please say you were taken out of context. I would hate to think that is how you really felt about your subjects.

P.S. In all seriousness, if you take offense to this editorial, Mr. Kernan, please know that there are two men in town with the name Mark Fischer, and I am not the one who is involved with The Yard and with other developments in town. I have no pending business in front of City Hall, and the other Mark Fischer has no knowledge of this letter. It would be grossly unfair to taint his name with any repercussions.