Guest Editorial, September 26, 2009 |

Guest Editorial, September 26, 2009

Rich Wyman, Park City

What is Park City? Park City is The Park Record, KPCW, the ski resorts and mountains, Main Street, and the people who live here. Park City is NOT the Sweeneys’ proposed Treasure Hill development.

More than ten years ago, myself, Dana Williams, and a group of citizens got together formed CARG (Citizens Allied for Responsible Growth) to oppose United Park City Mines’ proposed Flagstaff development. Just like the Sweeneys, the mining company told us how much they had a right to build what they wanted. Just like the Sweeneys, they told us how much we needed their development. And just like the Sweeneys, they told us how much better Park City would be with their development. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now!

Eventually the mining company settled for less than half of what they wanted and huge piece of beautiful open space are now permanently protected. They turned around and sold Flagstaff … and it was sold again … and it was sold again and each time a new owner came along they came back to the city and wanted more and more than was originally approved. Now we have Talisker’s Empire Pass to the horror of most us all. The Sweeneys hope to do the same. They do not care about what happens to Park City; they only care about making money.

Park City’s historic district will be dwarfed and crushed by the Sweeneys’ horrible Treasure Hill development proposal. The general plan specifically states "development should not have a negative impact on Park City’s historic district and character." Everything about this proposed development has a negative impact on Park City’s historic district and character.

This proposed development violates traffic and safety guidelines. It violates zoning guidelines with its massive excavation, height, and square-footage excesses and abuses. It was reviewed from 2004 to 2006 and sent back to the developers for review and revision and they came back with an even bigger proposal, two-and-a-half times the MPD approval. They were approved for 400,000+ square feet and they are now asking for 1.2 million!

We the citizens of Park City represented by City Hall must send them back to review and revise. Send them back to scale down the size. Send them back to lower the heights. Send them back to reduce the excavation. Send them back to be in line with existing grade. Send them back to address traffic and safety issues. Send them back make it fit the MPD. Send them back to so it does not have a negative impact on Historic Old Town Park City. Send them back to lower impacts on sensitive lands. Send them back to look at how beautiful Park City still is. Send them back so we the people can vote to keep it open space. Send them back to comply or go away.