Gun Club packing some serious technology |

Gun Club packing some serious technology

Gina Barker, The Park Record

When people think of a gun club, camouflage hunting gear and men touting their favorite firearms might be the types of images that follow. For the state-of-the-art Park City Gun Club opening in December, that is not what comes to mind. Park City Gun Club owner Daniel Labov moved to Park City in 2008, and it didn’t take long before he was on the hunt for a new project. Aside from being an attorney, Labov is also a gun enthusiast, but one without a nearby place to practice. "When I went to Salt Lake or somewhere else to shoot, it was fun but those facilities were not all they could be," Labov said. That’s when Labov and fellow investor Roger Armstrong decided to make a gun club unlike any other in the state. Both said they were ready to do something innovative, but in a way that allowed anyone to join. When a younger woman with no experience handling or shooting a firearm called Labov, he was sure to give her any information he could about classes and a rental program he plans to offer.

"We want everyone who walks through the door to feel satisfied when they leave," Labov said. "Customer service will be key for us." Complete with two indoor firing ranges, self-controlled and moving targets, interactive simulation rooms for training, a classroom and conference area and a full selection of firearms to buy and training courses, Labov said he is trying to offer it all in one place.

Customers can even hang out and watch TV or buy some hot chocolate in the lounge area. "I think if you not only meet the need, but exceed the standard, there will always be a great market there," Labov said.

"As we began to do research, we realized there was a lot of technology available that was not being used," he added. The space is sound proof, bullet proof and every employee is an NRA range-certified safety officer. Roughly $25,000 went into the air filtration system alone. The point, Labov said, was to make a space that is comfortable for the experts and the beginners with a flair of the Park City style. "This is an indoor shooting range that takes advantage of modern technology," Labov said. Of the two shooting range spaces, one has been designed to allow the shooter to move forward into the space. Both use the Mancom Touchplus Target Retrieval System, which is equipped with individual touchscreens and programmable controls that can be run by the shooter or from a control room. Labov said it was designed to work for classes and competitions. In the two simulation rooms, one uses a laser-based system with a real gun that replaces the bullets with laser. The other room also has a simulation screen where someone can use live ammunition. Labov called it "the best, most immersing video game you could ask for."

The Park City Gun Club will hold its grand opening in mid-December, and community members will be invited to see the space and get a feel for what Labov has brought to Park City.

Park City Gun Club

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