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Handgun, ammo stolen during Old Town break-in


Someone forced their way into an Old Town house in late November, breaking a deadbolt lock to gain entry and then taking a handgun and a small amount of ammunition, the Park City Police Department said.

It is a rare case of a gun being stolen in Park City and has prompted concern with the police because the motive of the person who stole the gun is not known.

The case was reported at 10:20 a.m. on Nov. 23 on Norfolk Avenue. Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the person who lives at the house, a 30-year-old man, found the front door was open and the deadbolt was broken. Part of the door frame and a piece of the deadbolt were on the floor inside.

Ryan said the victim searched the place and did not discover anything missing. He later saw that the gun had been taken. Ryan said the victim told the police the gun had been stored in a case in a closet. A magazine containing eight rounds of ammunition and the case were also taken, Ryan said. The gun was not loaded at the time it was taken.

The .45-caliber gun is manufactured by American Tactical Imports. Ryan said the gun is valued at $600 while the magazine is worth $25 and the case is pegged at approximately $15.

The victim provided the police a serial number. The Police Department entered the number into a national crime database.

Ryan said rifles were kept close to where the handgun was stored. They were not taken. The victim told the police between 15 and 20 people knew where the handgun was kept.

"I think somebody specifically targeted that handgun — knew where it was, went for it, only it," Ryan said.

Law enforcement worries when guns are stolen since it is difficult to understand why someone took a gun. They fear that the gun could be used in a criminal act or sold on the black market.

"When a criminal steals a gun . . . then you’re always concerned what their intention is with that gun," Ryan said.

People with information about the case may contact the Police Department at 615-5500 or the department’s anonymous-tip line, 615-5847. The department also operates an online tip form. The address is: https://www.tipsubmit.com/WebTips.aspx?AgencyID=994