Health risks raised in talk about Bonanza Drive cellular request |

Health risks raised in talk about Bonanza Drive cellular request

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

A woman who lives close to the site where a developer wants to put in an AT&T Wireless cellular installation told a City Hall panel Wednesday night she is worried about the potential health risks posed by the technology.

Mary Cook, who lives in the Homestake condominiums, testified during a Park City Planning Commission meeting, saying she is concerned about radio waves. Cook was the only person to speak during the hearing.

She briefly attempted to directly question AT&T Wireless representatives, but Planning Commissioner Julia Pettit, who chaired the meeting, stopped her. Pettit told Cook she must address the Planning Commission rather than questioning the AT&T Wireless representatives.

The Planning Commission was not ready to cast a vote and delayed a decision until at least March 14. Pettit, though, said she wanted more information about potential health risks before a vote is cast. The Planning Commission also spent time discussing topics like the materials that would be used.

Mark Fischer, who has significant holdings in the Bonanza Park district centered on Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard, is seeking a permit from the Planning Commission to install the cellular technology on the Rail Central building, 1790 Bonanza Drive.

A City Hall report issued in anticipation of the meeting indicated the installation would include 12 antennas on the tower where the elevator shaft is located.

AT&T Wireless wants to install the antennas to improve service, Fischer said in an interview. The AT&T Wireless side told the Planning Commission the installation would boost service along the Kearns Boulevard corridor.

Fischer said in an interview AT&T Wireless has been using a mobile cellular tower, known as a cellular on wheels, for approximately one year to cover that area. He said the company wants to replace the cellular on wheels with a permanent installation.

Fischer said the installation would be regulated by the Federal Communications Commission and that it would be similar to others that have been put up in Park City.

"They’re all over town. This is no different," Fischer said.

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