Heidi Westrop’s fifth-grade class at McPolin Elementary School wrote letters to Santa, or parents. | ParkRecord.com

Heidi Westrop’s fifth-grade class at McPolin Elementary School wrote letters to Santa, or parents.

This year for Christmas, I would like a video iPod. I know they are expensive, but I need one. All the planes we take and the new technology and the fact that I have been good this year are why I want one. This video iPod is worth the price. Oh! the way, I need the iPod in white.

We, and by we I mean the Wares travel a lot and that is another reason. What was I supposed to do on the fourteen miserable hours to Japan? Or the twelve hours to Italy and the list goes on forever! During the long flights I could pull out my iPod and watch a movie! I know that they have movies on plane rides but 99.999% of the time I do not like them.

Plus, there is all this new technology. The new video iPods have bigger screen so I can see well. They also have color. Did I mention that they not only have movies, but songs, too? Just add a bow and I will be the happiest person alive.

I have been good and you know it. Every week I do my chores and I don’t get paid. Taylor and I have had a good year, we didn’t fight that much. I have all A’s too. Don’t you think I deserve something?

So, to conclude this factual letter, I have to say please at least consider getting me this gift. This gift will mean a lot to me. You don’t even have to get me the accessories. I will still have a smile on my face. Remember – white.


Haley Ware

Dear Santa,

How are you and the elves? I hope Mrs. Claus is feeding you well. How is the snow up there in the North Pole? I hope that there are more kids on the nice list than on the naughty list this year. How are the reindeer? I hope they have been eating a lot of vegetables.

Santa, do you know how good I was this year? I was even better this year. I have been helping around the house and keeping my room clean. I have been helping my neighbor bake and decorate her tree. You should put me on the nice list this year. You should also put me the top of the list.

This year I have a lot on my Christmas list. I have one thing that I would really like – a pink razor cell phone. If you brought me this I could take a picture of me and send it to you on Christmas morning. But there is one concern. My mom only has an old phone. So maybe you could get us both a Razor.

The Razor cell phone is at the top of my list, but I have other things on my list, too. Here are some of the reasons I want the phone. I want it so I can take pictures with it. There are safety reasons, too. I also can do a lot of other things with it.

I hope that you have safe travels Christmas Eve. I will be lying in bed hoping to hear your sleigh bells ring. Now you know what I want. I will be so happy to see what you left under my tree. Merry Christmas and Happy New



Caroline Davis

Dear Santa Claus,

I want a purple fuzzy chair for Christmas. So, if my back will start to hurt I will sit down in it and then my back will feel a lot better. If I get a purple fuzzy chair I’ll be able to go downstairs on Christmas morning and open all the wonderful gifts you have sent me. Also, I wouldn’t have to share the chair in the living room with my dad anymore. I would like you to send me a purple fuzzy chair so I wouldn’t have to go all the way to the doctor if my back gets hurt. I can just sit in my chair. It would feel like a spa.

I have been so kind to others this year. If I get a purple fuzzy chair, I will let my sister sit in it if she wants to. Also, I’ll make sure that I won’t fight with my sister. I’ll let you sit in my chair whenever you visit my house. Just make sure you don’t break it.

I will also be able to read better and that will bring my reading grade up because I can concentrate better. When I take tests on books that I have read, I will probably get 100%. I’ll actually want to read if you bring me a fuzzy purple chair. It’s hard for me to read on my mom’s gushy bed.

I really hope that you buy me a purple fuzzy chair. All my stress will go away when I sit in it, and that makes you happy, right? I hope it does.

Where I would like you to get it is at Limited Too in Park City, Utah at the outlet mall. I do not know how much it is, but I am sure you can afford it. By the way do you like the cookies I put out every year? I hope you do. I would really appreciate it if you would buy me a purple fuzzy chair.


Emma Call

Dear Santa,

Do you have anything at home to send e-mails or anything like that? Such as a Laptop? Well if you do, do you know how much this helps people out with their schedule and daily life? Okay, the main point I’m trying to get at is I REALLY want, need, and I think I deserve a laptop.

If you think about it, it would help my mom too. I’m always playing a game or doing something on her computer right when she needs to use is. What a coincidence huh? Sometimes she is already on it and I need to do my homework. Most of the time all of the three kids in my family are pushing and pulling on the computer. One day or another something will break!

Sometimes when I need to type or draw a gift for someone on the computer, my brothers hop on after me and see it. But you’re the gift manager of the world, would you want people seeing the gifts that I worked soooo hard on? But, if I had my own laptop, I would have my own password so they couldn’t see the gifts.

I would be really organized because would put a calendar on my computer. I have not been too incredibly organized lately, and this would help me a lot. I would look on my computer and listen to that I downloaded and not be annoyed at all. I will not ask my mom what to do anymore when I’m bored. I will go straight to my laptop.

So while you are playing on your laptop at the factory, think of how much it would help me and the people around me. What are your favorite computer games? I’m going to need some good game. If you could, will you make sure your elves make it? I like homemade things. Please let me have a laptop Santa!!


Jessie Smith

P.S. I love you Santa

Dear Santa,

I want an I-Pod. You want to give it to me. You might think you don’t want to but you do, deep down in your heart. These are some reasons why:

I have been good (most of the time). Once I even paid for Joey’s ice cream from the ice cream truck. That’s got to be worth something (like an I-Pod). I do my own chores like pick up the smelly dog poop.

I won’t blast my stereo. If I have an I-Pod you don’t have to hear my music. And you can have peace and quiet. You don’t have to nag on me about how loud my stereo is.

I want to listen to music. When I listen to music I’m in a good mood. And when I’m in a good mood, I’m nice. I will get my homework done faster because of the rhythm.

Mom and Dad I really want an I-Pod. I mean I’ll even write a paper to get one and you know that means I really, really, really want it. If I have to, I’ll get on the floor and beg. I love you!


Jester Butterfield

P.S. Mom you hair looks nice!

Dear Mom,

I would like a full drum set for Christmas this year. I am going to persuade you to get me one. I would like the set that our friend, Craig, has at his house.

I have several rally good reasons why I think that you should get me a drum set. First, I want to start a band called "Black Iron". Once we get going on the band, we can play some gigs and make some money. With the money, I can pay for stuff. If I can pay for stuff I can give my family some money if they need it.

Also, I get good grades in school. If I get good grades in school, I should get privileges. If I continue to get good grades in music that will help me raise my music skills. If my music skills get better, I can play harder music.

Another good reason to get a new drum set is that I would like to participate in talent shows at school. Whenever I can be in a talent show, it will give me a sense of accomplishment and help me practice for "Black Iron".

I hope all my great reasons for wanting a drum set will persuade you this year. So Mommy please get me a drum set for Christmas!


Zac Winter

Dear Santa,

Please get me this for Christmas. It would make me so happy. In fact it would make me happier than happy. So will you get it for me? Huh, will ya, huh? Wait, I should probably tell you what I want first. I want my parents to be home more.

I know it’s kind of sappy but I really want it. If they were home more they wouldn’t be as sick. I know how sore my Dad’s hands and back are from installing the hot tubs Mom sells. And Mom’s headache’s are from hearing the "ding" of the cash register all the live-long day while sitting at the store, without aspirin. Imagine her pain!

Can you say "Cha-Ching". If my parents get a new job we’d have more money and we could replace our old things. My Mom could buy pretty clothes. You’d like that wouldn’t you Santa, but she’s taken. My Dad could finish remodeling the house sooner because he could pay someone to help him. Then we would have more time to spend as a family.

Which brings me to my next subject; we could spend more time as a family. I’m always begging my parents to play a board game. They can also help me with my homework because if they don’t Ill get an F in school and I won’t go to college, and then I’ll have to work at McDonald’s. I won’t have enough money, and I’ll have to eat there (with my employee discount) and I’ll get fat, REALLY FAT, from all he greasy, fatty, juicy food.

So Santa don’t you see why I want this? Oh, but don’t forget, I also want an I-pod, game, and much much more but having my parents home more is definitely first on my list. Don’t forget that! Bye, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Morgan Keller

Dear Santa:

Santa, this is the time of year you give the good kids a gift and I think I have been a great kid. Santa, I have three good reasons why I deserve a Play Station 3 (PS#). Do you want to hear my awesome reasons? Well you’re in luck, because I wrote a fabulous letter to tell you why I deserve such a gift!

One reason I deserve a PS3 is because I have been an exceptional brother to my younger brother and sister. For example, whenever my brother gets bored or sad I cheer him up by playing Monopoly with him. I also set a great example for both of them by not being finicky to my parents. There was this time when my sister was being bullied and I took care of the situation by giving the bully a talk. I hope your elves started making the PS3 because that was one undeniable reason.

Santa, I am a very helpful boy around the house by doing my chores and helping others do theirs. I take out the trash almost every other day. When my brother forgets the trash when it’s his turn, I do it for him. Oh yeah, yours truly helps bake those delicious chocolate chip cookies you eat every Christmas Eve. I hope you make it here with the present wrapped because I have been a high-quality kid.

There is just one last reason why I deserve a PS3. I excel in my only job in life right now (that’s what my Dad says). My grades are out of this world. Straight A’s in school and I will meet my yearly reading goal of 25 books by Christmas. Six days to get a jump-start on next year’s reading goal of 50 books. I always give 110% on every paper, test, or assignment. I try my very best and get all A’s. I’m beginning to get nervous St. Nick; did you make sure you elves packed my PS3 in the bag before loading the sleigh?

Santa, maybe you could come over and play PS3 games with me one day. That would be so awesome. We could drink hot chocolate and eggnog all day. I hope to see you later Santa.


Lukas Robertson

P.S. Don’t forget an extra joystick so we can play against each other.

P.S.S. Did you crystal snow ball break because you usually know when I’m bad, good, and even not sleeping.

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