Hockey team shorthanded |

Hockey team shorthanded

Jen Watkins, Of the Record staff

The Park City High School hockey team is gearing up for their season opener against Juan Diego at the Ice Arena on Sept. 23 at 8:15 p.m.

The hockey team was in a different division last year and has never played Juan Diego before.

"I don’t know what Juan Diego has," goalie coach Bob Mindell said.

Only two weeks into practice, Mindell said he can see some improvement in the Miners and he’s not worried about how they’ll do in their first game.

The team has been practicing three times a week to prepare for their upcoming game. Mindell said they are working on breaking out of the defensive zone, getting control of the puck and making offensive plays. He wants the kids to learn to get the opposing team’s goaltender out of position, as well as passing to each other and looking for the open guy.

"If we play like a team, we can pretty much beat anybody," he said. "Hockey is really a team sport because there’s so much happening so fast, they have to help each other."

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Mindell said the junior varsity and varsity teams combined have only 15 players, and they are hoping for more players before their season starts.

"If we were in Minnesota, we’d have guys lined up down the street to try out," he said.

Mindell said the team doesn’t have any superstars this year, though their only female, Laura Kubeki, is one of their best players.

"She’s quite good," Mindell said. "She can play any position."

The team lost their "primadonnas" last year, he said.

"They graduated or left," he said. "They’re an insidious downer on a team sport."

He said the goal for this year’s team is to focus on being cohesive and not bad-mouthing each other.