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Hoffmans tailor tutoring for kids

Dan Bischoff, Of the Record staff

Tom and Linda Hoffman wanted a tutor for Jourdan, their 13-year-old daughter.

They searched for a local tutor, but couldn’t find anything that fit their needs, until they came across ClubZ! In-Home Tutoring Services. The only problem was, ClubZ! couldn’t be found in Utah.

"It was a great fit, but there were no franchises here," Linda said.

So, they decided to take the initiative and bring ClubZ! to Utah. In February, they opened the franchise in Park City.

ClubZ! offers in-home, one-on-one sessions for all subjects and ages from pre-kindergarten to adult. The teachers, Tom said, are all certified.

"The tutors are degreed professionals," Tom said. "They are qualified. A lot of them are fresh out of college and working in the educational field. There are also high-ranking science and math tutors. We’ve even tutored people in master’s programs."

The in-home service offers students an opportunity to be tutored at their own convenience, Tom said.

"We’re flexible, they don’t have to be at a building at 5 p.m. to learn algebra," Tom said.

Tom said they interview not only the tutors but also students so they can match up teachers that would be a good fit.

"We go out and interview them personally and we market our tutors to specific students," Tom said. "When we go out to kids’ houses, we learn how much TV they watch to what sports they play. We find out their study skills and habits so we can find out where to start."

Tom said ClubZ!’s goal is to provide a long-term mentorship for the student to provide long-term success.

"Some kids look forward to their tutor, like a friend," Tom said.

Linda said her daughter has "gone up a couple letter grades" through the help of her tutor.

"She loves her tutor and she enjoys the time," Linda said.

Before ClubZ! lets a tutor into someone’s home, the tutor has to go through a rigorous selection process.

"We are very selective," Tom said. "We want the cream of the crop; we study the profile of the tutor and do background checks."

In addition, Tom said a chaperone, age 21 or over, must be present in the home.

"We won’t go into someone’s house without a chaperone, if there’s nobody there, the tutor will just stay in the car and wait," Tom said.

ClubZ! tutors can also meet their students in the library if it’s more convenient, however, similar safety practices are met there.

"Even at a library, we don’t allow the tutors to go into the side rooms. It has to take place in an open atmosphere," Tom said.

The tutors follow the students’ class outline to avoid confusion in their learning process.

"They act as liaison with the teachers, they work with the school curriculum," Tom said. "The last thing we want to do is introduce new material while they’re studying in class. We use the same material as the schools."

Tutoring, while boosting kids’ grades, can also give relief to parents," Tom said.

"It saves a lot of frustration," Tom said. "Parents don’t remember how to do pre-algebra, chemistry and biology."

Even if the parents do remember, the kids may respond better to a tutor.

"We have a lot of parents that say, ‘My kids won’t listen to us.’ Kids are more willing to take advice from a teacher than parents. A parent may have just gotten mad at them for not taking out the trash and then they try to help them with their homework. After that, they won’t listen anymore."

Also, one-on-one tutoring eliminates a competitive atmosphere, Tom said, which helps many students learn without pressure.

"We are seeing positive results because it’s a comfortable environment and outside distractions are limited," Tom said.

At the same time, Tom said ClubZ brings an "intense tutoring" that will help kids learn quickly.

"We are going to hit it hard, we want to instill confidence in the student and a belief in the system and the tutor," Tom said. "Parents want to see results and I want them to get the results they are expecting."

Since February, the Hoffmans’ students have grown to around 25 kids and about the same amount of teachers. While they are looking for more students, they hope the current ones will reach a point when they won’t need tutors.

"We want to tutor them out of the system," Tom said. "We want that to be our goal."

This summer, ClubZ! will be emphasizing its "Summer Learning, Built to Last" program that will prepare students for the fall school season.

"It teaches them how to organize, take notes, tests, time management, preparing composition-type papers and those skills that can last through college," Linda said.

A lot of calls they receive are for test prep help, Linda said. ClubZ! also does a lot of ACT and SAT preparation.

The Hoffmans have seen how this tutoring has helped Jourdan and they want to help other children in similar ways.

"It’s nice to see my own child walk around with confidence because she’s not sweating about a history test. She’s turned a 180," Tom said. "Our goal was to help our children. As it turns out, we’re helping other kids as well"

For more information on ClubZ! In-Home Tutoring Services, call Linda or Tom Hoffman at 435-487-9310 or log on to http://www.clubztutoring.com

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