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Homebuilders clear snowed-in hydrants


Park City Area Home Builders Association volunteers have cleared snow from 85 fire hydrants in Old Town and Park Meadows, and they plan to move to other neighborhoods later.

The association says it is assisting in an effort to help firefighters in case of a fire.

"Some of the fire hydrants were buried under seven feet of snow," says Kelly Price, who is leading the efforts for the association, detailing the work at 40 hydrants in Old Town and 45 in Park Meadows.

She says the work in Old Town is especially important because houses are tightly packed in the neighborhood. Price says the association volunteers cleared hydrants on Daly Avenue, Woodside Avenue and upper Norfolk Avenue, among other streets in Old Town.

Volunteers were scheduled to work on hydrants along Deer Valley Drive and in lower Old Town on Feb. 23, but they might delay the shoveling on those streets until later. More work is slated for March 1, but the association is unsure what streets will be visited.

Tricia Hurd, the spokesperson for the Park City Fire District, praises the association, saying firefighters responding to a call would first have to clear the snow from the hydrants before they could hook up the hoses.

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"If they hadn’t, the chances are it would have been until the snow melted" before the hydrants were cleared, Hurd says.

She says homeowners are supposed to clear the snow from fire hydrants on their property, but they often do not do so.

"It’s not good enough," Hurd says.

People who want to volunteer should call Price. Her number is 645-9363.

Jay Hamburger