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Honor society welcomes members

Treasure Mountain Vice Principal Shawn Kuennen addresses students and parents at Thursday s induction of the National Junior Honor Society. Grayson West/Park Record

Proud parents and eager students gathered in the cafeteria at Treasure Mountain International School on Thursday night for induction to the National Junior Honor Society.

The academic society is the feeder organization to the National Honor Society one of the largest student organizations at Park City High School. Honor Society president Kate Paterson, a freshman, addressed the crowd.

"Leadership is a gift that each of us has been given. In National Junior Honor Society, people learn the qualities of a good leader," Paterson said.

"We may be young, but we can make a difference," Paterson said. "We are all looking forward to a terrific year of Treasure Mountain International Junior Honor Society."

Society officers lit five candles in Treasure Mountain’s darkened cafeteria, each one representing NJHS’s five virtues: scholarship, service, leadership, citizenship, and character.

As part of participation in the group, each student is to perform more than 30 hours of community service during the year, said Treasure Mountain Vice Principal Shawn Kuennen.

"It encourages academic achievement and community service. That’s what creates a well-rounded citizen of our community," Kuennen said. Members of the Treasure Mountain International School National Junior Honor Society are: Allen, Sarah, 9 Beheshti, Lauren, 8 Bell, Courtney, 9 Briggs, Elizabeth, 9 Burrus, Jack, 8 Campbell, Gabriel, 8 Carroll, Annie, 9 Carroll, Ryan, 8 Casey, Carrie, 9 Chambers, Carson, 9 Chester, Kalee, 9 Christjans, Jessica, 9 Cohen, Alex, 9 DaBell, Tre’se, 9 Dahl, Carissa, 9 DeRose, Dia, 8 Duff, Kevin, 8 Duke, Dolly, 9 Eckels, John, 9 Esty, Clark, 9 Feltman, Miley, 9 Flake, Haleigh, 9 Fleasler, David, 8 Gebo, Brittany, 8 Gideon, Lindsey, 9 Guiney, Elizabeth, 9 Hewitt-Brown, Madison, 9 Hong, Edward, 8 Hong, Uri, 9 Hunt, Lyla, 8 Innis, Nate, 8 Johnson, Lauren, 9 Johnson, Stuart, 8 Kelly, Allison, 9 Kinnebrew, Hannah, 9 Labertew, Lexie, 9 Laufer, Adam, 9 Livingston, Shaun, 9 Mackaben, Tyler, 8 Margolis, Lia, 9 Matt, Kyle 9 McGuire, Kelly, 9 McMahon, Alana 9 Modrovsky, Alison 8 Nawrocki, Jeff 9 Newhall, Ashley 8 Newhall, Cheston, 9 Noertker, Sam, 9 Packham, Hilary, 9 Palmacci, Cassie, 9 Paterson, Kate, 9 Pershe, Matthew, 8 Peters, Shannon, 9 Popiel, Greg, 8 Portwood, Ben, 9 Reynolds, Heather, 9 Reynolds, Kelsey, 8 Robbins, Allison A., 9 Roetman, Erika, 9 Schlachter, Jeremy, 9 Shott, Wills, 8 Shurtleff, Traci, 8 Sitko, Jackie, 9 Slusher, Kailey, 8 Stone, Kate, 9 Tessnow, Travis, 9 Thomas, Alex, 9 Turner, Brianna, 9 Turner, Jessie, 9 Whiting, Philip, 8 Whitney, Grace, 9 Wilkison, Collin, 8 Williams, Alison, 8 Wilson, Gabrielle, 9 Wood, Andrew, 9 Woodcock, Alexandra, 9 Young, Katherine, 8

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