House dating to 1930s comes down in Old Town |

House dating to 1930s comes down in Old Town

by Jay Hamburger The Park Record

A demolition crew took down an old house on Empire Avenue this week, disappointing Park City’s influential preservation community.

City Hall on Tuesday issued a permit for the demolition, 920 Empire Ave.

The house, which was yellow, dated to the 1930s. Officials, though, said it was not eligible for inclusion on a City Hall list of properties with added protection against demolitions. They said the front of the house and the roof had been altered over the decades.

The municipal government said the owner, a man with a Snyderville Basin address named Chuck Heath, agreed to preserve part of the exterior walls of the house for possible inclusion in a project at the site someday. No development has been approved.

A blue duplex at the site remains standing. The duplex is listed on what is known as City Hall’s historic sites inventory, officials said, explaining that it dates to 1938.

The Park City Historical Society had wanted City Hall’s Old Town panel, the Historic Preservation Board, to review whether the house should have been included on the historic sites inventory.