House fire in Summit Park is still unsolved |

House fire in Summit Park is still unsolved

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Fire investigators say they may never know the cause of a blaze that destroyed a house in Summit Park on July 5.

"At this point it is undetermined because at this time the point of origin is so severely damaged that we don’t have any evidence," Deputy State Fire Marshal Kim Passey said. "We cannot prove with a definitive answer that it is accidental. And we cannot prove with a definitive answer that it is an arson fire."

The house was engulfed in flames when fire crews responded to 175 Parkview Drive at about 10:13 p.m.

"It’s a total loss," Passey said in a telephone interview. "There is enough damage to the foundation that I don’t think that they can save the foundation."

Investigators say they had a difficult time probing the cause of the fire because of the extent of the damage.

"This home was comprised with a lot of wood interiors and so the heat buildup in there was probably a little bit more than what you would find in the average home down in the Salt Lake Valley," Passey said. "I just didn’t deem it was safe to go in there."

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Nobody was home when the house caught on fire.

"I spoke with the homeowner, I spoke with her husband and I spoke with an eyewitness who took photographs of it as the fire progressed," Passey said.

On the day of the fire the homeowner had lit candles inside the house, he said.

"She doesn’t remember if she blew the candles out. She thinks they were still lit when she left," Passey said. "People just need to be mindful that when you leave your home you should never leave a candle burning, you should never leave any kind of heating device going and I would even recommend that people don’t leave fireplaces going when they’re gone."