Interviews slated for finalists for manager post |

Interviews slated for finalists for manager post

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Summit County should have a new CEO in place in December.

Interim Summit County Manager Brian Bellamy took over the position temporarily when the form of government in the county changed this year from the former three-person County Commission to the five-person County Council.

The Summit County Council interviewed three finalists for the job last week, Bellamy said.

"My hope is that the decision is made within the next week or so," Bellamy said.

The interviews went well, said Bellamy, who did not disclose the names of the three finalists.

"They want to bring two of the three candidates back on Monday who were interviewed last week I think it means that [councilpersons] are very interested and they want to visit with them one more time before they make a decision," Bellamy said in a telephone interview Thursday. "Both of these (finalists) have government or quasigovernment experience."

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One of the two applicants is from Utah and the other lives outside of the state, he explained.

"I am optimistic the candidate will come from these two," Bellamy said.

The Summit County Council on Monday is expected to conduct closed-door interviews in meetings in Coalville and the Snyderville Basin. The County Council as early as next week could name Summit County’s first manager, the final step in a wide-ranging reorganization of the County Courthouse that was endorsed by voters.

"This is a huge decision," Bellamy said.

There was a nationwide search for someone to oversee the executive branch of government in Summit County and manage its day-to-day operations.

More than 130 people applied for the position, which may have an annual salary topping $130,000.

"I’m very excited about the candidates that have been interviewed," Bellamy said.

"It think, first and foremost, we need a leader who can work with lots of personalities, and a culture or two, and bring them together to form a team that is cohesive, where there is synergy," Summit County Councilman Chris Robinson said in a telephone interview Friday. "It’s getting the right fit on as many fronts as possible. That’s our goal."

The naming of the manager has taken longer than councilpersons expected after three other finalists recommended by the Summit County Manager Selection Committee were rejected.

"It hasn’t been by our desire that it’s extended, but it’s not like there is such a vacuum of leadership that we are paralyzed," Robinson said.

County officials had expected to appoint the manager in early fall.

"We’ll come through it fine and I think we’ll have a good outcome," Robinson said.