Introducing New Faculty |

Introducing New Faculty

Douglas Greenwood, of the Record Staff

Andy Jensen has sought a teaching position within the Park City School District since he began teaching secondary education about four years ago.

After graduating from Weber State with a degree in physical education in 1999 from Weber State University, he then earned a curriculum instruction master’s from University of Phoenix in 2002.

He began teaching at the college level, spending a year at a community college in California before returning to Weber State as an adjunct professor for five years.

Jensen applied for open positions four times before securing a position in Park City. While between applications, he taught one year each at schools in Wyoming, Arizona and Davis and Alpine school districts in Utah. He earned and used his English-as-a-second-language certificate, which he said is a requirement for Park City teachers.

"I’ve wanted to teach in this district since I decided to get out of Higher Ed. and into Secondary, just because of its reputation," he said. "That was my plan all along and finally I broke through."

Jensen said his diverse work experience allows him to recognize the strengths of the district.

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"I’ve worked enough places, I have enough stickers on my suitcase, to know that the most important thing about where you work is being with the right people," he said. "I like the team concept here, I like the way it is set up."

Jensen’s curriculum hasn’t changed through his use of a laptop in the hands of every student at Ecker Hill, but his approach is different. He said it makes his students more accountable and responsible for their own work, and it allows him to easily contact parents if necessary.

He enjoys meeting challenges his students face and plans to help overturn the stigma that it takes a certain mindset or quality in order to succeed at math.

"What I look forward to most is when I can convince a kid that he can actually do something that he’s been told time and time again that he’s just not cut out for."