Investigators: suspected drug traffickers weren’t operating in Park City |

Investigators: suspected drug traffickers weren’t operating in Park City

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Local authorities and the police in Asheboro, N.C., say two Park City-area men recently arrested on drug-trafficking charges in North Carolina did not appear to be operating in Park City.

In interviews, a law enforcement officer assigned to drug investigations along the Wasatch Back and an Asheboro police official said they are not aware of a connection to the Park City area beyond the residency of the two men.

John Rogers, a Wasatch County Sheriff’s Office lieutenant who works with a drug task force consisting of law enforcement agencies from the Wasatch Back, said he was not aware of a local investigation into the two men — Reymond Rosario, 30, and Enrique Torres, 21. Rosario has a listed address in Park City while Torres has a listed address in Deer Mountain, according to jail records in Randolph County, N.C.

Sheriff’s Office records in Wasatch County indicate each of them was stopped for traffic offenses at least once in that county, Rogers said.

The two also have records at Justice Court in Summit County. According to the Justice Court, Rosario in March was charged with never obtaining a driver license. He forfeited bail of $75 as punishment, the Justice Court said. Torres in November 2009 was charged with speeding. He forfeited $165 in bail, the Justice Court said. The Utah Highway Patrol caught him at 85 mph on a stretch of road where the posted speed limit is 65 mph, according to the Justice Court.

The Third District Court in Summit County, where more serious charges are typically filed, does not have records on either of them. The Fourth District Court in Wasatch County also does not have a record of the two facing charges in that jurisdiction.

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Rogers said it is common for people trafficking drugs to do so in a place far from their home.

The police in Asheboro in mid-October arrested the two as well as a California person in a drug sting, saying that officers seized approximately 13 pounds of a substance suspected to be cocaine in the operation. The police there said the street value is $600,000. The amount exceeds by a wide margin a typical cocaine case in the Park City area.

Prosecutors in North Carolina have filed six cocaine-related charges against Rosario, with four of them accusing him of trafficking. Immigration officials have ordered him held, the authorities there said. Torres faces five drug-related charges and has also been ordered held by immigration officials, according to the jail in Randolph County.