It’s your chance to influence Old Town |

It’s your chance to influence Old Town

Jay Hamburger The Park Record

City Hall is accepting applications from people interested in serving on the Historic Preservation Board, the panel that has some influence on Old Town development issues.

There are four positions with terms ending in July. They are now held by Sara Werbelow, David White, Alex Natt and Dave McFawn. The deadline for applications is March 30 at 5 p.m.

The panel meets monthly at 5 p.m. on the month’s first Wednesday, and other meetings are scheduled if needed. City Hall estimates the Historic Preservation Board meets between 12 and 18 times annually.

The board is asked to intervene when City Hall staffers and property owners cannot reach an agreement on an application. A property owner is allowed to appeal staff-level decisions to the panel. It also has been involved in discussions about Old Town development rules.

The application asks general questions, including what sort of interest someone has in serving and the perceived mission of the panel. It also asks people to describe three issues of importance the Historic Preservation Board is handling.

Terms are for three years. Board members are paid $60 per meeting.

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People serving on the Historic Preservation Board are not required to be Park City residents. According to a posting announcing the application process, people who serve on the Historic Preservation Board should meet one of four criteria, including

living in Old Town with an interest and knowledge of preservation

having interests in the Main Street commercial core

being recommended or tied to the Park City Historical Society or the Utah Heritage Foundation

being someone from Park City with an interest in and a knowledge of preservation

For more information, contact Patricia Abdullah in the Planning Department at 615-5060 or . More information is also available on City Hall’s website, . Select the ‘Historic Preservation Board Recruitment’ link on the front page of the site.