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Jacob, Gulini win national titles

Trevor Jacob is a thrill-seeker.

That’s why he switched to snowboardcross after starting out doing halfpipe events.

"I used to ride halfpipe and it got really boring for me," he said. "So I saw Hagen (Kearney) and a couple other friends doing this and I thought, ‘Aw, that looks so fun.’"

Now, after just three career snowboardcross races, he’s the U.S. national champion, finishing first in the U.S. Grand Prix at Canyons.

"I don’t even know what to think," he said. "I’m really stoked. It’s great to be out here with all your friends riding."

Jacob said the tight turns and fast speeds are what he likes about SBX.

"It’s super sketchy when everyone comes into the corner at once," he said. "That’s what I like about it; it’s so risky."

His thrill seeking has gotten him into trouble before. Jacob has spent a couple nights in jail on multiple occasions.

Once, he was arrested after jumping over a moving train on his snowboard in Tahoe. He spent two days in jail before receiving a $100 fine. He also spent time in jail for train hopping in Ohio.

"I’m a little obsessed with trains," he said, showing off a train tattoo on his right bicep.

Jacob also participates in some Nitro Circus events. Nitro Circus is a group started by Travis Pastrana that travels the world doing crazy stunts.

"Those dudes are nuts," he said. "You feel like you are going to die every second you are with them."

Compared to that, snowboardcross is a walk in the park for Jacob, who takes risks some riders wouldn’t consider.

"He’s wild," Kearney said. "That kid’s crazy. But he’s a star and one of my best friends."

Kearney and Alex Tuttle finished second and third respectively, capping off an American podium sweep.

On the women’s side, American Faye Gulini defended her national title, cruising to victory. Canada’s Michelle Brodeur finished second and Simona Meiler of Switzerland took third place.