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Jamaican reggae artists stop in Park City

Submitted by The Star Bar

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Richie Spice and Spanner Banner with special guests Afro Omega and DJ Roots Rawka will perform at The Star Bar in Park City. Tickets are $16 in advance at http://www.smithstix.com and $25 the day of the show. To find out more about the headlining performers, read on

Richie Spice

In the Old Testament’s Book of Judges, Gideon led Israel to victory over the Midianites, who dwelled in the southeastern part of Palestine, with a small army equipped with only trumpets, lit torches and jars to conceal the torches’ flames. Following Gideon’s instructions, his three hundred soldiers blew their trumpets and smashed their jars as they shouted "a sword for the Lord, a sword for Gideon". With that, the tens of thousands of Midianite troops fled in fear.

Armed with just a microphone, one-drop rhythms and purifying lyrical flames, singer Richie Spice is the Gideon of contemporary reggae. The publicly declared "prince of fire" uses culturally uplifting, spiritually fortified words to defeat the negative content that informs much of popular (Jamaican) music. Fittingly, "Gideon Boot" is the title track of Spice’s brilliant fourth album. Recorded over the timeless "Johnny Too Bad" rhythm (taken from The Slickers 1970s hit of the same name), the song details Spice’s strategic plan for delivering his musical sermon to an awaiting global audience.

Just like the singer’s previous albums "Universal", "Spice In Your Life" and "In The Streets to Africa", "Gideon Boot" contains inspiring messages specifically aimed at empowering vulnerable youth. Spice confidently juxtaposes his songs of valor with unity themes ("Living In Love", "Getting Harder") and the importance of staying focused "Make Up Your Mind", "Hang On In There". Spice’s flawless vocals effortlessly scale the high notes then smoothly segue into scatted improvisations as he weaves intricate, evocative melodies throughout this exquisite 15-track set that is certain to carry his name to uncharted territories for Jamaican music.

"I’ve always had a wide meditation of having my music go out there to the world because I know it can go far," says Spice. "But it is very hard singing of righteousness in the world. When you sing of good you will find that evil rise up and try to dominate good. But I will continue the fight, go out there and have people hear what I am saying."

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Spanner Banner

Spanner Banner, born Joseph Anthony Bonner at Rock Hall, St. Andrew has emerged as one of Jamaica’s most prominent artistes to date. His inspiration spurs from the legendary musician Bob Marley and his infamous Bonner sibblings ‘Richie Spice’, ‘Snatcha’, and Pliers of the legendary musical duo, Chaka Demus and Pliers.

Spanner recently completed another widespread tour of the United States with Richie Spice in 2005 and 2006 under the management of 5th Element where he performed at ‘Reggae on the River’, ‘Westchester Reggae Fest, and the Elite Ark, New York, just to name a few. Spanner also continues to perform at ‘East Fest, ‘Rebel Salute’, ‘Island Explosion’, ‘All Spice Culture in the Hills’, ‘A St. Mary Mi Come From’, ‘Guinness Sting’, and several other shows in the Caribbean.

His new album is proposed to be released soon and will feature some of Jamaica’s finest producers. The album includes songs like ‘One Love’ (done on the heavenly rhythm) produced by Don Corleon, ‘Angels Around Me’ produced by No Doubt Records, and ‘Best Friends’ produced by Bonner Cornerstone Music.

Spanner Banner has proven himself to be a gifted and talented singer/ songwriter/ producer, and performer in the Reggae Industry for an impressive number of years. You can access his detailed profile on http://www.myspace.com/spannerbanner