Jewel fans park all over |

Jewel fans park all over

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Scores of drivers heading to the Jewel performance with the Utah Symphony at Snow Park Lodge on Saturday parked on the curb of Deer Valley Drive, a stretch of road where parking is forbidden on one side.

The Park City Police Department reports officers wrote about 40 parking tickets the night of the concert. Many were written on Deer Valley Drive and nearby Royal Street, department records show. Some were issued as late as around midnight.

"People were just parking where they chose to park," says Lynn Nagel, a department sergeant.

Drivers are prohibited from leaving their cars on both sides of Deer Valley Drive, the most popular way to drive to Snow Park.

Nagel says people going to the Jewel concert parked on both sides of Deer Valley Drive along the loop close to Snow Park. Some of the cars were on the sidewalks, and others were parked on the curb. There are signs posted indicating people are not allowed to park on one side of the road.

"When I saw it, it was already full, the roadways," he says.

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The police noticed the problem at about 6 p.m., when officers arrived for their assignment at the concert, Nagel says.

The parked cars made it difficult for buses to drive to Snow Park, and Nagel says it would have been tough for a fire engine to negotiate the road if one was needed at Snow Park.

Nagel says vehicles that obstructed traffic were ticketed. Many others were parked where they are not allowed, but they did not receive tickets. He says the police did not order any vehicles towed.

"It was a small number (of tickets) in comparison to the number of cars that came," he says.

The parking issues outside of Snow Park were unusual. Deer Valley hosts big-name concerts each summer without parking problems. The Jewel concert sold out, and Deer Valley officials report the capacity is 5,000. Precise attendance figures are not available.

Coleen Reardon, Deer Valley’s marketing director, says the Snow Park lots had between 100 and 130 empty spaces during the concert. The Snow Park lots hold about 1,500 spots.

"Before we could fill our lots, people started parking their cars" elsewhere, she says.

It appears, she says, one driver parked on the side of the road, and others followed.

"Kind of the sheep thing, I guess," Reardon says, adding the situation does not normally occur. "It just never happens. It was an anomaly."

Upcoming big concerts at Snow Park include July 27 and July 28 performances by the Utah Symphony, and shows by Tony Bennett, Smokey Robinson, Joss Stone and Vince Gill.

Reardon says Deer Valley has permission from City Hall to direct drivers to park on one side of Deer Valley Drive near Snow Park once the lots are full. That frequently occurs during busy ski days.

Parking on streets near Deer Valley Resort and Park City Mountain Resort has become widespread during the ski season, as the resorts have enjoyed booming business. People heading to Deer Valley are often seen parked on the sides of streets near Snow Park.

Skiers and snowboarders bound for PCMR are sometimes spotted parking on streets in the neighborhood, and they have been seen unloading their gear from places like the parking lot outside the Park City Library and Education Center.