Joint partnership could help sports teams |

Joint partnership could help sports teams

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

A 90,000 square foot recreation facility has been proposed to be built in Quinn’s Junction, behind the USSA building. The area chosen for the facility is owned by the city and is the original location the city wanted to build a second facility for ice sports and recreation. Founder and co-founder of All Seasons Athletic Facilities, LLC Margaret Hyatt and Nicki Lecher, said there is enough land for the ice facility and Altitude Sports Center, which they said would be another feather in Park City’s hat.

Hyatt and Lecher have been looking into the project for a year. Their goal is to complement the recreation facilities that are already established in Park City, not compete with them. Hyatt said they are using a community-based interest approach when talking with Basin Recreation about alleviating the pressure of accommodating all the competitive sports teams by making their facility more available to the community.

"As a coach, the need for indoor facilities has become very evident," Hyatt said. "The concept and approach has had the theme of asking what is right for Park City. We’re reaching out to different parts of the community."

Altitude Sports Center would cost $12 million to build and would include 40,000 square feet of hard-court basketball and futsal space, an additional 40,000 square feet of soccer and football turf, a Golf Zone, two sprint-tracks, and two Olympic-style training trampolines with fall pits. Hyatt said the facility would offer a sporting goods store, a restaurant, and a social center for students to do homework or play billiards, foosball and ping-pong. The center would also offer ACT and SAT guidance classes along with academic tutoring.

Lecher said the sports facility would add to the Park City economy year-round by providing a sports complex that can accommodate competitive sports teams locally, rather than commuting to Salt Lake City. She added that the facility could also host tournaments and be used as a high altitude training facility for national teams.

Hyatt and Lecher hope to form a public-private partnership with the city, Basin Recreation and the Park City School District. The public sectors of the partnership would not make any monetary or human resource contributions to the project, according to Hyatt, who said that would take the burden off those organizations.

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"We wanted to reach out to the Park City School District to see what they were planning for expansion," Lecher said. "School districts are having economic challenges and they are going to have to get creative."

Lecher said the number of teams the Park City School District can offer is limited due to indoor recreation space. She said teams are confined to certain practice times and the current facilities are being over-used.

"Those groups can come to our facility so they can lessen the wear and tear and stay within budget for maintenance and operations," Hyatt said.

"The public-private partnership is the solution for our future because of economic times," Hyatt said. "The money that the school district would use to build a facility or expand can be reallocated back into the education system and it’s not going to come out of the budget."

Altitude Sports Center will hire coaches and employees, who will be trained according to the Positive Coaching Alliance model, according to Hyatt. She said the model helps with the consistency of coaching and will help build a Team Altitude program that will be offered at the facility. Hyatt and Lecher hope that the PCSD will also use the facility for their athletic teams.

"We have so many kids involved in the eighth and ninth-grade level and kids who didn’t make the high school teams," Hyatt said. "Having a club team to be involved in or for kids who just want to play a pick-up game or to dabble in other sports; The goal is to reach out to a variety of athletic levels."

Hyatt said they have reached out to the Weilenmann School of Discovery, which doesn’t have gym space. The school expressed interest in holding Physical Education classes at the sports center. She added that they would like to partner with the PCSD and the city to offer bussing to the sports facility.

According to Park City Superintendent Ray Timothy, the school district and board will meet to discuss the potential for a partnership in January. He said they are still in the early stages of discussion and nothing has been decided yet.

"I get asked quite often about recreation facilities and indoor sports facilities," Timothy said. "We’re a winter town so all of our spring sports suffer because we don’t have those facilities and its inadequate space for what the demand is. For someone to come forward and propose a private facility, I’m interested."