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Juvenile in jeopardy triggers response in Jeremy Ranch

Sheriff and 14 law enforcement officials were on scene

A potentially suicidal juvenile triggered a large-scale response from law enforcement officials Thursday afternoon, according to Lt. Andrew Wright, with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

At around 12:12 p.m. Thursday, June 8, the Sheriff’s Office received information that a juvenile, who had been reportedly harming herself, was in the Jeremy Ranch neighborhood in the Snyderville Basin, Wright said. Deputies were able to locate the victim as she was driving, he said, but she refused to pull over.

Wright said deputies chose not to initiate a pursuit in the residential neighborhood and, instead, led her to a location “we knew she couldn’t get out of.”

The victim reportedly locked herself in the vehicle and began to injure herself with a knife in front of deputies, Wright said. He added, “That escalated our urgency to gain access to remove her and get her the help she needed.”

“They were firing pepper balls at the vehicle to try and distract her from harming herself and eventually broke a window to get her out,” Wright said.

The victim was involuntarily transported to an area hospital. Wright said a deputy also sustained minor injuries during the incident and was transported to Park City Hospital.

The situation sparked a large response that included Sheriff Justin Martinez and 14 law enforcement officials, including some from outside agencies. Wright said air support was requested, but not needed.

“It was an unfortunate incident and I’m sure it was traumatic for those who witnessed it, but if citizens are concerned there were too many deputies or we were too active, the sheriff is adamant everything was done the way it should have been done,” Wright said. “She had already injured herself and was actively trying to injure herself further. In the end, she is alive and getting the help that she needs, both for her medical and mental health.”

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