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K.C. Oakley shines at U.S. Freestyle Championships

Compiled from USSA releases,

STRATTON, Vt. (March 24) World Cup Rookie of the Year K.C. Oakley (Piedmont, Calif.) won her second medal of the weekend with a top dual moguls finish at the Sprint U.S. Freestyle Championships after five solid runs.

Oakley, of Park City Freestyle, also earned a bronze in last Friday’s moguls event.

"I was saying earlier to my coaches that I’m usually a better duals skier and I hadn’t had a good duals season at all," Oakley said in a release. "I was pretty jet-lagged so it means a lot that I could pull it together and be duals national champ.

"I like duals a lot more than I like singles, I think it’s more exciting to compete in and way more exciting to watch. There wasn’t a lot that I did differently in my skiing this year from last year. Both were pretty successful years for me. I just took the momentum from last year and tried to transition it to this year. Really the only difference for me was that I was going against much harder competition."

Cody Tempel (Missoula, Mont.) took everyone by surprise when he defeated Jeremy Cota (Carrabassett Valley, Maine) to take the breakthrough win in the men’s dual moguls event for his first national title.

"It’s been a decade of effort a lot of work and a lot of preparation," Tempel said in a release. "Today was just a really magical day and it’s really nice to have everything just go my way and fall into place for me. I couldn’t be more happy."