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Kamas gets call to arms, and arrows


Fans of shooting sports are rarely happy with their firearm the way it comes straight out of the box.

Jason Hatch draws a comparison to hot rod enthusiasts. Adding accessories, replacing parts and making improvements to the item is as much fun as actually using it.

That’s why he and his wife, Natalie Hatch, are opening Uinta Hunting & Shooting Sports in Kamas next week. He understands what sportsmen and law enforcement officers need and want from their firearm.

Jason Hatch spent years in local property management, but opening a store to pursue his favorite hobby and help others do the same is a dream come true, Natalie Hatch explained.

"It makes him really excited," she said.

The two also sell merchandise through a separate Internet business, but they made the decision to open a retail location because it’s time for people to start investing in Kamas again, she said.

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The recession is on its way out, and the community needs to begin taking risks again, Natalie Hatch added. A vital part of that is shopping locally to support those taking risks, she said.

In return, Natalie Hatch said she prices her items to win customer loyalty. Everything is compared to what Cabella’s and Sportsman’s Warehouse is charging. Even if she has to lose money on something, she matches their prices to take away any excuse someone may have to drive to Salt Lake City.

Located in the Main Street strip mall across from both the Gateway Grille and the 7-Eleven, Uinta Hunting & Shooting Sports is a small shop, but will carry firearms and other supplies that are in demand.

Fans of shooting sports belong to a variety of subcultures with unique interests and demands. Some businesses only cater to one group, but Jason Hatch said he’s fascinated by all of them. He wants his store to be a place where people can come in and explore.

"We welcome input from people as to what they’d like to see in the store," Natalie Hatch said. "Bring us your wish lists. If we don’t have it, we’ll get it."

But she said people will be pleasantly surprised by what they do have. There’s been an increased interest in firearms the past two years, she said, and that has overwhelmed manufacturers. Several calibers of ammunition that are hard to find can be purchased at Uinta Hunting & Shooting Sports.

Natalie Hatch has also ordered several pairs of hard-to-find camouflage outfits for women and children even infants. Because hunting sports are dominated by men, it’s difficult to find proper clothing in women’s sizes and cut to fit their bodies, she said, adding she also has pink ear protection and gun bags for ladies.

"Hunters want function and fashion," she explained. "Kamas has a lot of outdoorsmen and we share that enthusiasm."

But not all hunters want guns. That’s why they’ve invited Kamas resident Wayne Gough to occupy a corner of the store. Owner of Back Country Archery, Gough has operated for years without a retail space. including his products in the store, the Hatch couple hopes to expand potential clientele and increase foot traffic.

For the same reasons, the Hatches are courting clients in law enforcement. Different specialties, such as fish and wildlife or search and rescue, require different kinds of equipment. But they all need basic items like ammunition. Instead of ordering online or making periodic runs to Salt Lake warehouses, Uinta Hunting & Shooting Sports would like to be their preferred vendor.

They offer home delivery to support local officers and win their support in turn, she said.

Uinta Hunting & Shooting Sports

185 South Main Street, Kamas


Grand Opening Friday and Saturday

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