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Kamas Theater selling seat sponsorships

For nearly 10 months, the Kamas Theater has been trying to raise $65,000 for a digital projector.

Kevin and Sharee Harris, who run the theater and manage the Uinta Center for the Arts, has presented fundraising events and have partnered with Pamela Lockwood, director of the Utah ARTS school to bring in more money for the cause.

So far the Harris’ have raised $5,000, but if they don’t raise the money by Jan. 1, 2013, the theater will no longer be able to show movies.

"That has become the cutoff date for us because a lot of the movie studios, like Disney, have told us that they will only send out digital films to the theaters next year," Sharee Harris said during an interview with The Park Record. "Even so, it’s been tough getting films. The studios keep telling us if we were already digital, we could have any movie we wanted, and we’ve become pretty desperate and we need help."

So, to raise more funds, the Harris’ will sell sponsorships for the 192 seats in the theater.

The concept is similar to what other theaters and performance halls have been doing around the country, Harris said.

"I also did some research and found that other theaters were doing this, and it looked like a good idea," Harris said.

People can purchase a small flexible brass plaque, which measures ¾-inches by two-inches, that will be engraved with their names and messages of their choices.

"The donors will have up to 40 characters, including spaces, to express what they want to say," Harris explained. "Since Kamas Theater is such a historic venue, it seemed that something like this would be perfect."

The plaques will then be mounted somewhere on the chair.

"We figured once the orders arrived we would see what looked the best," Harris said. "Some theaters put their plaques on the seat. Others mount them on the back and then there are the ones who put them on the armrests."

The cost is $25 for seats in the back of the theater and will increase in $25-increments as the rows get closer to the screen.

"The front row costs $100 and we will offer $50 and $75 plaques as well," Harris said.

People can fill out a form at the Kamas Theater and give Harris a check, or they can send in a check written to the American United Credit Union to the Kamas Theater, 30 N. Main St., Kamas, 84036.

"We set up an account with the American United Credit Union, which is a nonprofit organization, so people who donate to the theater can get a tax write off," Harris said. "All they need to do is write ‘Kamas Theater’ in the memo line."

For more information about the seat sponsorships, contact Sharee Harris (801) 362-8163. For more information about saving the Kamas Theater, visit http://www.kamas-theater.com/save-the-theater/