Kernan almost certainly will not seek re-election |

Kernan almost certainly will not seek re-election

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

Park City Councilman Joe Kernan indicated on Friday he will not seek re-election this year unless the campaign plans of others radically change.

Kernan has said in recent weeks a re-election campaign would depend on whether he could support others who mount bids for the City Council. He said on Friday he is pleased with three people who have made public statements that they will put their names on the ballot this year City Councilwoman Liza Simpson, City Councilman Dick Peek and Andy Beerman, who is the leader of the Historic Park City Alliance business group.

"I will be very happy to support Andy Beerman, Liza Simpson and Dick Peek . . . Those three can do a great job," Kernan said.

Not having an incumbent like Kernan on the ballot could embolden people who have been considering a campaign but have been leery of being on the ballot alongside three current City Councilors.